Ethics, Intimacy & Shared Resources – Nov 14/15

Sorry that I’m behind! My life is a constant shake-up with Transiting Uranus through my 12th House by Rising Sign. As a Scorpio Sun, all of the Personal Planets are in my 1st House and my 6th House by Rising Sign. Busy! We didn’t miss too much over the weekend, but I will weave it into the aspects up ahead as needed.

Monday, Nov 14, EST

At 3:19am Venus at 27:36 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 12:36.

Venus is leading the pack and making all the aspects just a day ahead of Mercury right now. So our desires are felt ahead of our ability to express them. As Venus is a Healing Planet, she is helpful in dealing with insecurity or lack of motivation. She may offer some of herself or her resources in order to accomplish an action that has been initiated.

At 9:27pm Mercury at 26:27 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 26:27 Capricorn.

Venus made this aspect at 4:41am on Sunday morning so here we can now see and/or express our desires from that time. Its not a huge energy but should show us something of our shared resource and intimacy status.

At 10:43pm the Sun at 22:45 Scorpio Trines Neptune Rx at 22:45 Pisces.

Venus made this aspect on Thursday and Mercury did on Saturday afternoon. So we now have clarity around our desires (Venus), contracts and thoughts (Mercury) over the last few days. The Sun is always very helpful in dealing with Neptune because the Sun’s light/clarity cuts through Neptune’s fog of confusion, hesitancy or deep connections. How satisfied are you with your new goals around intimacy and shared resources? Likely feel pretty content today.

Tuesday, Nov 15, am

At 4:36am Venus at 28:55 Scorpio Trines Jupiter Rx at 28:55 Pisces.

The 2 Healing Planets meeting in a Trine, which is a Transitional energy you can take up to 5D if you apply it. Ease with seniors, foreigners, or spiritual leaders in regards to shared resources or intimacy is available. All can be of one spiritual, Higher Mind right now. Apply this energy for any necessary healing.

NOTE: At 1:08am on Wednesday, Venus will lead the way into Sagittarius. Mercury will join her on Thursday at 3:42am. The Sun will finally Ingress Sagittarius on Nov 22 (right after my Solar Return at 29:39 Scorpio;)

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