Venus Enters Sag & Karmic Resolution of Age of Pisces – Nov 15/16

Tuesday, Nov 15, EST

At 2:20pm Mercury at 27:34 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 12:34 Aries.

Some difficulty initiating action or communication. Make an adjustment to achieve the ease. Will you express something honestly (Scorpio’s highest vibration) in order to overcome some insecurity? Can you see how someone else is connected to you so why is there any insecurity?

At 8:06pm the Sun at 23:38 Scorpio Quincunx Mars Rx at 23:38 Gemini.

Our intimate and financial sharing goals need to adjust to our motivations around our local community. We are talking a good game, Mars is motivated, but are we above board in all matters of ethics, honesty and transparency? Are we clearly seeing someone else’s motivations and purpose? Do we need to look harder at our own motivations?

Wednesday, Nov 16

At 1:08am Venus Ingress Sagittarius.

Venus rules our desires, the things we value as well as our personal values and beliefs and love. She also rules our personal bottom line and ability to acquire resources. In the Sign of Sagittarius, we will feel very benevolent about our love and resources. We can be generous and inclusive of everyone. Sagittarius rules optimism and speculation about the future as well as spiritual and big picture philosophies. Sagittarius is where we take Gemini’s Karmic duality and reconcile it into a higher perspective and convergent thought. In 3D, Sagittarius rules legal matters so we may SEE some of that as Mercury and the Sun soon join Venus in Sagittarius. In the Age of Aquarius, Sagittarius is the 11th House ruled by Uranus, so the ‘Great (Jupiter) Awakening (Uranus) should continue in earnest. The 11th House seeks to make things universal and equal and in a 5D/Soul Awareness way. It will be a wonderful month in all likelihood. From Sagittarius the Personal Planets will Oppose Mars, Trine Uranus and Square Neptune and Jupiter (Conjunct so this is helpful). There are other minor aspects as well but these are the classic aspects to watch for.

At 8:27am the Moon at 24:10 Leo Squares the Sun at 24:10 Scorpio, the Last Quarter Moon.

Intuition and feelings around our fun and creativity in a challenge to our intimate physical and financial situations. This is the Quarter Moon between the Lunar Eclipse on Nov 8 and the New Moon at 1:38 Sagittarius on Nov 23. Lunar Eclipse effects do not last as long as a Solar Eclipse so we can expect some ‘closure’ to the ‘Emotional Reset’ of the Lunar Eclipse.

At 10:43am Mercury at 28:53 Scorpio Trine Jupiter Rx at 28:53 Pisces.

Scorpio is the sign of ‘investigating and researching.’ Scorpios get to the bottom of things. Jupiter rules legal matters in 3D or Karmic Resolution in 4D and sheer generosity in 5D. In the Sign of Pisces, he is helping Neptune wrap up the last Astrological Age of Pisces. Pisces is the new 2nd House of personal available resources in the new Age of Aquarius. Our new way to ‘acquire’ will be deeply tied to our ‘faith’ and trust in the ‘unseen’ world. Jupiter in Pisces is helping us raise our vibrations for this change in consciousness. The Godhead/Creator/Source will determine your ability to acquire. You must align with your highest self to keep the blessings flowing. As Mercury is in the Sign of ‘shared resources’ he is helping us consciously to process this new financial ‘ethics’ that demand seeing everything as connected and part of ourselves in ‘God’. Bring that ethics into all intimate situations. Today is a solid lesson around that.

NOTE: at 3:42am on Thursday, Mercury joins Venus in Sagittarius. Then we will begin to SEE the Karmic resolution of the Age of Pisces.

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