3-Way of Initiating Philanthropic Benevolence – Nov 21/22

Monday, Nov 21, EST

At 5:55pm Mercury at 7:09 Sagittarius Conjuncts Venus at 7:09 Sagittarius.

In the Age of Aquarius, Sagittarius is the 11th House and the 9th House naturally. As the Personal Planets enter (ingress) Sagittarius, they are elevated by 2 Higher-Mind Planetary energies: Jupiter and Uranus. Jupiter/Sagittarius rules optimism, speculation, big picture/global perspectives and benevolence. Uranus rules Aquarius and 11th House and all deliver CHANGE, currency, electrical things, circuitry, quantum and galactic inventions and other-worldy ideas as well as philanthropy and equalizing of all of these things. Uranus rules groups and ‘hive-mind’ which in 5D is God consciousness/the Christ consciousness/Merlin Mind/Soul Awareness. We can all access consciousness at the SAME TIME as in a spontaneous ‘Flash Mob’. Combine Jupiter and Uranus energies and you have the ‘Great Awakening’, global equalizing of spiritual and philosophical ideas and inventions and currencies. Now that the Personal Planets are bathed in these 5D energies, we are going to experience GESARA. Look it up. These 2 Planets also deliver ‘Philanthropic benevolence.’

Mercury Conjunct Venus combines our desires, values and personal resources (Venus) with our SEEN world/conscious mind and money transfer energy (Mercury). In other words its a day to SEE our values and to SEE the ‘Philanthropic Benevolence’ if only in our thoughts, ideas and expressions. But we will desire to achieve these things. And we can BELIEVE it today, with Venus elevated so much. Mercury elevated by Jupiter and Uranus releases his 3D thoughts of limitation and brings our thoughts into abundance and philanthropy to equalize with everyone.

At 5:55pm Mercury at 7:21 Sagittarius Quintiles Saturn at 19:21 Aquarius.

The Sign of Aquarius is the natural 11th House and is now the 1st House of the self. Saturn in Aquarius is elevated by Uranus as well. Saturn is authority and initiates ‘foundations’ (Saturn rules Cardinal/initiating Earth) around philanthropy, new electrical circuits and equalizing everything everywhere. Uranus/Aquarius is the Equalizer, the Quickener and the Awakener. Saturn in Aquarius is changing our public structures to do our careers online, initiating structures to support individual freedoms and making ‘awareness’ and inventions public in circles of authority. Mercury brings ‘news’, headlines and Sagittarius rules broadcasting and global ideas. Will we HEAR about GESARA today? Are you vibrating (Uranus) with the 5D/quantum consciousness?

At 9:41pm Venus at 7:21 Sagittarius Quintiles Saturn at 19:21 Aquarius.

We will REALIZE (Aquarius) how much (Sagittarius) we have DESIRED (Venus) this ‘philanthropic benevolence (Sagittarius and Aquarius merged). We are happy to see infinite abundance for ALL. Our hearts are singing… “I would like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony”… Venus rules the voice. Sagittarius is the ‘world’ and Uranus/Aquarius/11th House is the vibration of harmony/resonance.


Tuesday, Nov 22

At 3:20am the Sun Ingresses Sagittarius.

Now we will begin to have clarity around all this ‘Philanthropic Benevolence’ and set new goals to manifest it.

NOTE: It may require the New Moon in Sagittarius to fully kick-off all of this energy. The New Moon exacts at 1:38 Sagittarius on Nov 23 at 5:57pm….

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