Effortless Debt Forgiveness & Benevolence – Nov 29

Tuesday, Nov 29, EST

There are soooo many 5D/magical aspects between Planets today, it can be a challenge to write about them all. Quintiles and Biquintiles are shown by yellow lines in the chart below.

Nov 29 Aspects at 3:30pm

At 1:17pm Mercury at 19:10 Sagittarius Biquintiles the North Node at 13:10 Taurus.

Now our benevolent thoughts and words are supporting the Soulful intent of the North Node to help us learn how to acquire. But the magic here is how we can use our own resources to benefit some spiritual objectives. This aspect runs parallel to the Mars Biquintile to the South Node creating a Wizard’s Rectangle of effortless and Soulful communication, decisions and transfer of funds.

NOTE: The Deciles forming the ends of the Rectangle are not shown here, but are 36 degree aspects.

At 3:30pm Mercury at 19:18 Sagittarius Opposes Mars Rx at 19:18 Gemini.

Mars is still within orb of a Biquintile to Pluto, that exacted on Friday night, and is Biquintile to the South Node in Scorpio (while Decile the North Node). This puts the Mercury Opposition to Mars into a Boomerang Finger of Merlin. Pluto in Capricorn is resources we share with governments, banks, corporations through taxes, loans/debts, investments, etc. But the South Node in Scorpio, the Sign Pluto rules, has us letting go of shared resources and moving toward the North Node in Taurus which has us acquiring our own resources. As Pluto and the South Node pour the energy into Mars in Gemini, we are motivating to discuss new contractual terms that better align with 5D consciousness (via the Biquintiles). But then the energy Boomerangs into Mercury in Sagittarius which rules forgiveness, benevolence, good fortune and as the 11th House in the Age of Aquarius, it is also philanthropy and equalizing resources. What a great time to ‘announce/broadcast’ (Sagittarius) NESARA/GESARA. Is it the right time yet?

At 8:09pm the Sun at 7:48 Sagittarius Quintiles Saturn at 19:48 Aquarius.

With Mars still in orb of his Trine to Saturn, which exacted at noon on Monday, we have some very beneficial energy dealing with our changed (Aquarius) public structures/career) Saturn. We are setting new goals for optimism around our new electrical circuits, currencies, internet, etc. (all Aquarian things). While we have felt restricted since Mar 2020 when Saturn entered Aquarius, we can see how this limitation helped us to be responsive to the changes that needed to be implemented.

At 11:17pm Mercury at 19:48 Sagittarius Sextiles Saturn at 19:48 Aquarius.

More helpful energy to create new mental structures for aligning ourselves with the new Age of Aquarius. We are optimistic, expansive, inclusive and expressing kindness and spiritual about the shifts we are making in our conscious world.

NOTE: Just after midnight on Thursday, Venus will move through the same aspects that Mercury is making today.

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