Venus in the Boomerang Finger of Merlin – Dec 1

Thursday, Dec 1, EST

At 12:18am Venus at 18:47 Sagittarius Opposes Mars Rx at 18:47 Gemini.

Mercury was just in this same space on Tuesday, but today we can actually see a Double-Boomerang with 2 Fingers of Merlin. One FOM is pointing into Mars from Pluto and the South Node and the other is pointing into Venus from the North Node and Pallas Athena and Black Moon Lillith (a bit harder to quantify). Now as Venus moves through, we are feeling what our real values are and the state of our finances along with the state of the world’s finances. We are motivated (Mars) to initiate some discussions and to move some money transfers (Gemini) for the global good (Venus in Sagittarius). We may ‘broadcast’ our intentions/plans to the world. Could there be an element of ‘justice’ in our proclamations? Do we want new, more benevolent ways of sharing resources and dealing with ‘taxes’? Whatever we can see of value for the global good today is effortless to arrive at new personal beliefs and values around how we acquire what we need. As Sagittarius is the 11th House in the Age of Aquarius, it is about currency, electrical currents, flashmobs of spiritual action to apply our spiritual philosophies. Seize this day to LIVE in a new way.

Venus and Mars in a Double Boomerang Fingers of Merlin:

At 7:37am Venus at 19:10 Sagittarius Biquintiles the North Node at 13:10 Taurus.

Part of the Finger of Merlin, this leg is helping us to achieve more Soulful lessons around what we value and how we deal with our personal resources. Sagittarius suggests ‘expansive philanthropy’ and divesting ourselves of all our abundance to favor everyone around us. Even our neighbors, as the energy Boomerangs back to Mars in Gemini.

At 10:15am Mercury at 22:01 Sagittarius Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 16:01 Taurus.

Here we can SEE the money transfers taking place with a new currency that is asset-backed (Taurus) and electrically transferred. Philanthropy is a hallmark of this aspect. Mercury is fully elevated out of 3D and rising above into the heavenly, Soulful realms of 5D.

At 8:08pm Mercury at 22:39 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 22:39 Pisces.

We could hit a blindspot with this aspect by evening, but if we use our Higher Mind energies of Jupiter (ruling Sagittarius) and Uranus ruling the new 11th House in Sagittarius), we can surf right above any 3D energies and ride the waves safely.

At 10:09pm at Venus at 19:55 Sagittarius Sextiles Saturn at 19:55 Aquarius.

This is a productive aspect to help us wrap up all of the effortless and magical energies Venus has been receiving and sending. Our public authority and careers (Saturn) need to manifest the new energies we are birthing from within. It is no longer about ‘acquiring for social status’ but rather applying the infinite wisdom and abundance of 5D in practical ways.

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