Venus Squares Jupiter & Ses-Squares Uranus – Dec 8-10

Thursday, Dec 8, EST

At 10:05pm Mars Rx at 15:45 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Uranus Rx at 15:45 Taurus.

A minor aspect, but one that can be inspired action or ‘accident’ if you are moving too fast and motivated by Uranus’s flashes of lightning. You may have initiated some communication based on a sudden attraction. It likely surprised you or another, but worked out anyway.

Friday, Dec 9

At 7:55am Venus at 29:13 Sagittarius Squared Jupiter at 29:13 Pisces.

Mercury made this aspect at 2:05am on Tuesday. There were some ideas and/or communication at that time that we are now seeing how our desires align with those ideas. Venus and Jupiter are both Healing Planets so the Square is not too challenging. And Jupiter rules Sagittarius so there is like triple healing involved. Pisces brings in the subconscious mind which can be unsettled with the Square energy. Is you optimism warranted? You may have questioned it. Is there a legal matter you are helping someone through? Always help them move into forgiveness as the only way to resolve any Karma (Pisces ruled by Neptune).

At 10:54pm Venus Ingresses Capricorn.

Over the last roughly 30 days our desires have been to travel or seek spiritual enlightenment. Now we will seek more earthy things. We may desire power, recognition or some form of social status. Or we may want to stabilize our resources by toeing the line in our career. Now that Capricorn is the 12th House in the Age of Aquarius, we may desire to keep career under wraps and stay out of the limelight rather than in it.

Saturday, Dec 10, am

At 10:58am Mercury at 5:32 Capricorn Semi-Squares Saturn at 20:32 Aquarius.

Some irritation in our communication or ideas where we feel its hard to express ourselves authentically. Communication with authority may be serious and confining. Be response-able to the energy and any limitation and all should be fine.

At 12:20pm Venus at 0:42 Capricorn Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 15:42 Taurus.

Our desires need to adjust to our inspirations around resources and socializing. Our desires can be unusual and we need to adjust our public persona to incorporate the unusual.

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