Clarity About the Changing of the Old Guard – Dec 12/13

NOTE: Mercury has crossed into his Shadow Phase of his next Retrograde cycle. All that occurs between now and Dec 29 will be up for ‘review and revision’ as Mercury Stations Retrograde at 24:21 Capricorn.

Monday, Dec 12, EST

At 1:12pm the Sun at 20:42 Sagittarius Sextiles Saturn at 20:42 Aquarius.

Our clarity/reality is lagging behind our ideas and desires with the Sun still in Sagittarius and Mercury and Venus in Capricorn. We are setting goals and finding our purpose (Sun) around our Philanthropic (Sagittarius as the 11th House) Benevolence (Sagittarius). In less that 24 hours, the Sun is meeting both Saturn and Uranus and shedding some light on the ‘changed structures and power-brokers’ (Saturn in Aquarius) that the Saturn/Uranus Squares have been moving us through over the last year+. Saturn has now progressed out of the Square energy so we may be in some new territory with ‘censorship of social media’ as we have seen with Elon’s purchase of Twitter, for example. The Sun also involves ‘social media’ (Sagittarius as the 11th House) and broadcasting. Are we getting clearer about the ‘reality’ (Sun) of things? Saturn has restricted our socializing since the first ‘lockdown’ in 2020 as Saturn Ingressed Aquarius. How can our optimism and benevolence help us achieve new social media/networking and socializing goals?

Tuesday, Dec 13

At 10:55am the Sun at 21:36 Sagittarius Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 15:36 Taurus.

Uranus is still reviewing some awareness we have already received around changes to currency that involves ‘Fixed Earth’ (Taurus) assets. He ‘desires’ Taurus more philanthropy, equalizing of resources, And he is changing our concepts around ‘ownership’ (a Hallmark Taurus energy) to be more about sharing as well as ‘communal’ in nature. The Sun is soaking up the revelations Uranus provides in flashes of inspiration that may even seem shocking but the Biquintile can make Uranus’ Quantum shifts’ seem so perfect and change is effortless.

On Dec 1 Mercury made this aspect to Uranus and alternative (11th House) news sources/broadcasting forms (Sagittarius) have reported that ‘some’ St. Germaine’s Trust funds have been released for global distribution (totally Sagittarius realm). St. Germaine (Sagittarius spirituality/leaders) is said to have been so close to God that he could create gold. The only known person to do so. Uranus in Taurus has us going back to currency tied to ‘gold and other assets’ currency.

On Dec 3 Venus made this aspect to Uranus and the same ‘alternative/broadcasting/media’ sources reported there were exchanges of German Bond Boxes between buyers and sellers (stock exchange is Sagittarius).

So what will happen with the Sun in this same aspect? We may see more clearly all that has been going on. We could SEE philanthropy at work. Or become the philanthropist.

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