Clarity, Desires & Hand of Merlin – Dec 19

Monday, Dec 19, EST

At 12:26am the Sun at 27:16 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 27:16 Capricorn.

A minor aspect offering clarity, optimism for the future of our shared resources and dissolving public structures of authority in favor of our higher divinity.

At 6:42am the Sun at 27:32 Sagittarius Ses-Squares the North Node at 12:32 Taurus.

Here our optimistic goals around spiritual groups needs to align more accurately with our own wants and needs. We need to adjust our personal desires to the universal need of all. A helpful aspect as we wrap up the ‘fresh start’ in Sagittarius. Did we meet the promise of the New Moon in Sagittarius from Nov 23? There is likely some adjustment needed here to do so. Taurus can be possessive about what is ‘mine’. The North Node is opening us up but Sagittarius (Jupiter) as the 11th House (Uranus) wants us to make all things universal and fair. Adjust accordingly to enjoy the ease of this ‘Great (Jupiter) Awakening’ (Uranus).

At 11:32am Venus at 11:57 Capricorn Squares Chiron at 11:57 Aries.

Our desires for social status is challenged by our insecurity or lack of motivation. Go easy on yourself and others and recognize that self-assertion may not be our strong suit for the moment.

At 12:37pm Venus at 12:01 Capricorn Quincunx Mars Rx at 12:01 Gemini.

We want to shine in public but someone may be monopolizing the conversation. We must adjust ourselves to this aggressive person or our own desire to have the last word or speak our mind.

At 5:29pm Mercury at 17:57 Capricorn Quintiles Jupiter at 29:57 Pisces.

This is Part 1 of a Hand of Merlin between Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. All 3 aspects are occurring within minutes of each other!! It is truly a magical evening! Mercury in Capricorn is talking about initiating new foundations for a career or bread-winning. Jupiter in Pisces is on the critical degree (29+) expressing the quintessential energy of Pisces. Jupiter reconciles Mercury’s 3D/Karmic mind so he is offering a higher perspective around all of Mercury’s plans. Capricorn is now the 12th House in the Age of Aquarius and is dissolving all our ‘public/social statuses.’ Power brokers and structures are falling away as the enlightened era of mankind is more fully expressed. Jupiter in Pisces is deep optimism and can feel like we have an angel on our shoulders. Jupiter is likely to elevate Mercury’s plans into 5D where Mercury’s separation consciousness is dropped and we can open up to a realm where we are more mindful and present-moment focused.

At 5:30pm Mercury at 17:57 Capricorn Biquintiles Mars Rx at 11:57 Gemini.

Part 2 of the Hand of Merlin. Mercury rules Mars as he Transits Mercury’s Sign of Gemini. There can be loads of communication from siblings, neighbors, etc. or those we haven’t thought of in a while could reach out. We can all be on the same page and express 5D energies offering some miraculous words or actions.

At 5:32pm Mars Rx at 11:57 Gemini Quintiles Jupiter at 29:57 Pisces.

Part 3 of the Hand of Merlin. Now our actions align with the highest spiritual good. We have a deep sense of self and our interconnectedness and our actions show our optimism and inclusiveness. We may drive a mentor around or book a long-distance trip. There are many ways this can play out, but the feeling is one of being in the right place at the right time.

At 5:38pm Mars Rx at 11:57 Gemini Sextiles Chiron Rx at 11:57 Aries.

This aspect occurs with the Hand of Merlin and the Sextile will be a productive energy around our motivations or insecurity. We can accept that we may not be as motivated to act but the magical energy of the other aspects will make it a nothing-burger.

At 10:48pm Venus at 12:32 Capricorn Trines the North Node at 12:32 Taurus.

We now desire that warm, luxurious bath to wrap up the magic and reach out and touch someone we love or to gift someone in need. All of this magical interconnectedness has stayed with us and we are valuing things in a new light.

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