Jupiter Returns to Aries & Winter Solstice – Dec 20/21

The next few days we have some big aspects occurring close together: Winter Solstice (21); Uranus Trideciles Pluto (22) and Jupiter Semi-Squares Uranus (23).

Tuesday, Dec 20, EST

At 9:30am Jupiter Ingresses Aries.

Like being ‘born again’ Jupiter returns to the first breath of Aries from the womb of Pisces. We have reviewed our higher consciousness of oneness over the last 2 months since Jupiter returned to Pisces on Oct 28, Stationed Direct at 28:48 Pisces on Nov 23 and now moves into Aries until May 16, 2023. We are back full of energy most of the time, feeling optimistic and benevolent.

Wednesday, Dec 21

At 4:49pm the Sun Ingresses Capricorn creating the Winter Solstice.

Winter Solstice, Dec 21, 4:49pm

This chart stays with us in the background for the next 90 days (until the Spring Equinox). The Sun is Square to Jupiter who just returned to Aries again. Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign and ‘initiates’ a new season. In the Age of Aquarius, Capricorn is the 12th House of subconscious, hidden/dissolving things. The Sun will allow us to SEE what has actually been going on behind Neptune’s (12th House) veil of fog and confusion.

At 7:50pm the Sun at 0:08 Capricorn Squares Jupiter at 0:08 Aries.

With both Planets in new Signs, there is a nice energy shift going on. The Square can be a little less optimistic, but Jupiter rarely brings any hard energy regardless of the aspect. Look for ‘legal’ and benevolent issues to be front and center. Sun is in the Sign of authority and Jupiter is bringing benevolence to each individual. Maybe there is some aligning with the new benevolence that will be available to all in 5D. Broadcasting is another area we can get ‘clear’ about. Look for lots of great perspectives to be incorporated into your crown chakra.

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