Venus Conjunct Pluto & Magical Clarity – Jan 1, 2023

Sunday, Jan 1, 2023, EST

At 12:24am Venus at 27:40 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 27:40 Capricorn.

Intense desires, physical attraction, merging of my and your resources. This starts a new cycle for the 2 Money Planets. Conjunctions can make the energy a bit ‘hard’ but it helps us find ways to merge if we allow it. In Capricorn, we are attracted to power and control, but someone may be attempting to manipulate or seduce. You may go along or you may resist as Capricorn can have us restricting our desires to meet other objectives. However there can be some new ways of using our personal resources alongside the collective capital. We could arrive at some new values around the use of ourselves, our touch/love and what we own. The highest vibration here is to see the need to dissolve (Capricorn is 12th House in Age of Aquarius) boundaries of what is ‘mine’ and what is ‘yours’ and come to a way of sharing what is needed where it is needed. Less government involvement is desirable.

At 9:02am the Sun at 10:53 Capricorn Quintiles Neptune at 22:53 Pisces.

The magical energy of this aspect offers deep contentment around our goals and purpose regarding public means of authority. Pisces is the 2nd House in the Age of Aquarius so we are content with what we have in this moment. If things are dissolving, and they are, we can get a glimpse of the benefits of such things leaving our lives with this energy.

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