Random Acts of Kindness, Neighborly Actions & Non-Judgment – Jan 4/5

Wednesday, Jan 4, EST

At 4:08am Venus at 1:37 Aquarius Sextiles Jupiter at 1:37 Aries.

First aspect from Aquarius, Venus is changing things up. The Sextile to Jupiter is productive. We want to socialize, equalize and share our resources while at the same time initiating random acts of kindness and spreading the love. It may not be fully miraculous in this moment, but it will work its work and produce affection with those whose lives we touch.

At 10:47pm the Sun at 14:31 Capricorn Biquintiles Mars Rx at 8:41 Gemini.

Clarity around our motivations to communicate, drive around the neighborhood and to see how to energize ourselves and others to be ‘community’.

Thursday, Jan 5

At 4:19am Mercury Rx at 19:45 Capricorn Quintiles Jupiter at 1:45 Aries.

This aspect is very helpful in elevating our 3D/conscious mind into the higher realms where Karma is resolved and duality reconciled. We can see how good it feels to lose all judgmental thoughts and to really connect to others authentically and lovingly. Action that aligns with our highest spiritual perspective will seize the day.

At 11:43am the Sun at 15:04 Capricorn Trines Uranus Rx at 15:04 Taurus.

Electrifying clarity around how our Age of Pisces power-brokers are dissolving and their money control is being replaced with philanthropic ideas. We SEE how to make this happen and have bizarre ideas to change our public structures to move toward fairness and equality. As Taurus is the 4th House of ‘home’ in the Age of Aquarius, we may see ways to provide homes for those who don’t have one. Use this inspiration to BE THE CHANGE.

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