Collapsed Structures, Secure the Homeland & Conscious Clarity – Jan 6/7

Friday, Jan 6, EST

At 2:56am Saturn at 22:58 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 22:58 Pisces.

Having the 2 Karmic Planets in a productive, though minor, aspect is always helpful. Saturn in Aquarius has been limiting/restricting our social media networks, aka censorship, and our socializing in general. Saturn ushered in the Covid lockdowns when he first Ingressed Aquarius in 2020. He will be leaving Aquarius in March to enter Pisces. But for now he is wrapping up the energies of his multiple Squares to Uranus in Taurus that were creating a ‘changing of the guard’ and a change of our old power structures as well as having us work from home/changing our careers. You may recall the Summer of Love and the rioting, burning and toppling of some monuments. That was all needed for the path ahead. Neptune in his own Sign of Pisces has been dissolving the old cycle in order to make way for some new ‘ideals’ within our collective unconscious to create the new Age of Aquarius. He is realigning the connection between each of us to be more authentic to the path ahead. This Semi-Sextile with Saturn and Neptune is also about dissolving our concepts of ‘time’ as Saturn is the time-keeper and the Age of Aquarius resembles nothing from the 3rd dimension where aging and death are such prominent Karmic fears. So there is much good coming from the exacting of this aspect.

At 6:08pm the Moon at 16:22 Cancer Opposes the Sun at 16:22 Capricorn creating the annual Full Moon in Cancer.

Always an emotional peak, something about Full Moons always amp up the emotions and cause us to SEE what we are FEELING about this monthly Capricorn cycle which started at the New Moon in Capricorn on Dec 23 at 1:33 degrees. We are half-way through this month of career, social status, power, authority and bread-winning as well as fathers. How do we FEEL about our balance of home (Cancer) and career (Capricorn)? Are we in balance? Cancer is now the 6th House of service, work, daily routine, health, volunteering, military service, duty, etc. in the Age of Aquarius. We KNOW about the fraud of our public authorities so do we need some help from our military as Brazil was asking of theirs? This is a possible need to ‘secure the homeland’ which is quintessential Cancer energy and the Moon rules Cancer. So we FEEL we have something that is needed to achieve our goals around mom, home, family and land. The Sun is cutting through the hidden aspects of power right now. It is time to get a handle on what is needed to move forward.

NOTE: Mars Rx will be Stationing in Opposition to the US’s Ascendant at 8+ Sagittarius. As the US is a Cancer Sun country, Sagittarius is our 6th House of military service in the Sign that rules global things. We have been the ‘worlds’ police. Mars is also Conjunct the US’s Natal Uranus at 8+ Gemini bringing ‘sudden action’ so it is possible that we will see some action (Mars) to secure the homeland as a result of this Full Moon. Though it could drag out until Mars Stations Direct on on Jan 12.

Saturday, Jan 7

At 7:57am the Sun at 16:57 Capricorn Conjuncts Mercury Rx at 16:57 Capricorn.

This is the Inferior Conjunction (seeds a new cycle) of our goals, purpose, reality (real time) and our conscious, seen world, thoughts, plans and communications. Today is one of (usually) just 6 days every year where our 3D mind of thoughts and physical world are in sync with real time. And one of 3 days with Mercury Retrograde which signals a new 165-day cycle. In 5D, we simply use Mercury as our ‘lens’ to the ‘physical’ world because we know it is really just holographic energy of the Planets. But what is thought, spoken and clarified today is the most accurate of information for our conscious world of thoughts. We are seeding the new cycle with clear goals we hope to make ‘seen’ by the end of this cycle. In Capricorn, we are thinking about our public persona, our careers, our sense of power and authority. As Capricorn is the 12th House in the Age of Aquarius, we may just keep our thoughts to ourselves. But we can also see how our public structures are being dissolved. We really won’t need governments/banks/corporations in the Age of Aquarius in the same way we did for the Age of Pisces. So at the dawn of the Age of Capricorn (2000+ years from now), we can expect to have to rebuild public authority structures. But for now say ‘thank goodness’ as the Age of Aquarius is about communal governance by the highest ideals of 5D. We are going back to the Garden of Eden to be in communion with the part of us that is ‘God/Source’, etc.

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