New Moon in Aquarius Electrifies & Inspires – Jan 20/21

Friday, Jan 20, EST

At 3:29am the Sun Ingressed Aquarius.

Our goals and purpose now shift from career, public structures, authority, social status and power/politics to being communal, sharing and caring for the benefit of all, philanthropy, social media, group objectives to equalize universal needs and truths.

At 10:30am the Sun at 0:18 Aquarius Quintiled Chiron at 12:18 Aries.

A magical aspect between our changed awareness (Sun in Aquarius) and our insecurity or lack of motivation. Whenever the Sun and Chiron meet, gratitude is the highest expression. There is a bit of Soul Awareness here as well with Uranus/Aquarius in aspect to Chiron, our umbilical cord to our Soul.

At 8:06pm Mercury at 8:32 Capricorn Quincunx Mars at 8:32 Gemini.

These 2 Planets literally Stationed Direct at 8:08 degrees of the Signs they are Transiting. Essentially, they have been in orb of this aspect for the last few weeks. We have been adjusting our public plans to our local community motivations. Mercury rules Mars right now as he is in Gemini the Sign Mercury rules. Did you limit (Capricorn) your political or career discussion while around your siblings and neighbors? Did you have to adjust your local transportation motivations due to some banking issue? The adjustment should begin to be made and all will move forward again.

Saturday, Jan 21

At 12:43pm Venus at 23:18 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 23:18 Pisces.

A minor aspect that is helpful regarding a subconscious ease to any changed desires, unexpected charity you give or receive or looking good in a social media context. Your desires and ability to acquire are coming from your approachability with a group of folks or with new acquaintances. Its simply helpful and hugging can be easy and effective today.

At 3:53pm the Moon at 1:33 Aquarius Conjuncts the Sun at 1:33 Aquarius creating the Annual New Moon in Aquarius.

Ah, the time of year where are ‘hopes, wishes and dreams’ can be SEEN and FELT. Aquarius rules the culmination of all of the other Signs’ energies into a finale of self-realization and group consciousness for the betterment of all. This next month we will be making solid plans around currency, currents, electrical things, universal ideals, philanthropy, humanitarian ideals and working with groups to accomplish communal goals. Let the revelations, inspiration and 5D/Quantum ideas into your purpose and plans.

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