Venus Enters Pisces; Personal Liquidity – Jan 26/27

Thursday, Jan 26, EST

At 9:33pm Venus Ingresses Pisces.

In Aquarius, Venus was seeking greater equality in our personal resources. She valued ‘gifting’ and ‘receiving’ in unexpected ways. She was socializing and meeting with groups to raise her vibrations for what is to come. Now in Pisces, she is ‘merging’ our personal balance sheets into the collective unconscious for our own values and bottom-lines to be ‘reset’ spiritually. Pisces dissolves and keeps things hidden from view so we must rely on faith. Pisces can erase the dividing lines between what ‘belongs’ to each of us and help us to better align with the ‘tribal vibe’ of the Age of Aquarius. As Pisces is the new 2nd House of personal resources for the Age of Aquarius and Venus rules the 2nd House, we are really setting a new standard for ‘acquisition’ in our reality. ‘Ask and you shall receive’ is a good maxim for this energy. You will KNOW you are asking from Source/the Godhead and will elevate your sense of ‘personal resources’ accordingly. Virgo externalizes Piscean energy and VIrgo is the 8th House in the Age of Aquarius bringing in ‘shared resources’. Virgo rules things like health, daily routine, fitness, volunteering and service, duty and honor, like of our military and first responders. How will the dissolving of Pisces to blur our personal financial boundaries be manifested in Virgo? Hmm…? That’s an interesting question I will leave you to realize on your own.

Keep in mind, when Venus and Pisces/Neptune energies are Conjunct, it can create some ‘fear’ if you are in lower consciousness. Our old ways of acquiring and earning an income are morphing and dissolving. How will you respond? In 5D, you will just ‘surrender’ as Virgo energy is capable of as well. Debt slavery is over if you let in the truth that we are all connected, all creators and all still even if our bank account shows zero. It is finally time to really LIVE. You never really needed the ‘money’ anyway. Start creating.

This Transit of Venus is further supporting the Uranus/Neptune Septile that exacts on Saturday night. Venus brings the ‘liquidity’ into the Personal realm for each of us. Venus rules Pisces in the Age of Aquarius (along with Neptune) and she rules Uranus as he Transits through her Sign, Taurus. Lots of new understanding around income, acquiring, owning and ‘having possession of’.

Friday, Jan 27

At 5:42am Mercury at 12:29 Capricorn Squares Chiron at 12:29 Aries.

Our conscious/3D will see some wounding energy here, but in your Higher Minds it is not really noticed, acknowledged or worried about. You may see someone else who is insecure lash out verbally. Or you may realize they are unmotivated to initiate conversations with you. It could be regarding some ‘career’ issue or around authority types. Let it wash over you and ignore it.

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