Uranus BiSeptiles Neptune: Liquidity & Tungsten Rods? Watch the Water – Jan 27-29

Friday, Jan 27, EST, pm

At 4:30pm Venus at 0:59 Pisces Semi-Semi-Squares Neptune at 23:29 Pisces.

This is a 22.5 degree aspect that brings events. As both Venus and Neptune are applying to aspect Uranus over the next 2 days, this minor event might still foreshadow what the larger aspect of Uranus BiSeptile Neptune is all about. Pisces and Neptune keep things veiled from sight but our desires and resources can still be contacted via subconscious knowing. Follow what happens at this time and see if there is a connection.

Saturday, Jan 28

At 12:03pm the Sun at 8:30 Aquarius Semi-Squares Neptune at 23:30 Pisces.

This irritating aspect can still provide needed clarity for how to navigate the ‘liquidity’ of the Uranus/Neptune aspect that is very near exact. Uranus rules the Sun Transiting in his Sign, Aquarius, so flashes of insight, inspiration, ingenuity can really help us prepare for the changes ahead. Deep water, turbulent water. Water = emotions and ‘danger’ to those less aware. It also wipes things clean and allows things to dissolve that have reached their expiration date (Aquarius/Uranus). When the Sun aspects Neptune, we can SEE into this fog and shroud of secrecy so we can better navigate the changes that are incoming.

At 5:57pm Uranus at 14:57 Taurus BiSeptiles Neptune at 23:31 Pisces.

This is a YUGE aspect right now. Uranus Stationed Direct on this very degree and minute so he has stayed in this spot, grinding in the lessons, for over a month now. Neptune brings serious depth to Uranian awareness, change, electrical currents and the like. In Taurus, Uranus is electrifying our individual wealth… meaning ‘digital’ and also asset-backed as Taurus rules Fixed Earth. Uranus is the internet, wifi, circuit boards and in the Age of Aquarius we need QUANTUM upgrade in these circuits. Neptune can assist Uranus in ‘removing/dissolving’ the 3D matrix of electrical currents that kept us in the Age of Pisces. Uranus in Taurus can take Fixed Earth tungsten steel rods right into the heart of any ‘fake/fiat’ currents and currencies from the previous age. For the Quantum Financial System to be in full effect, we need the old electrical currents gone; the old money gone; the old ways of acquiring need to be based more on faith and understanding our role as Creators. Look for lightning strikes, both virtual and subconscious. Look for a YUGE Transfer of Wealth as Neptune removes our old possessive, lack-based fears. Uranus will replace it all with more sharing, equalizing and infinite perspectives.

NOTE: I wrote a novel 24-25 years ago about this period of time. Before I really understood much Astrology I was very much in Quantum consciousness: Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug. It take longer to arrive at this point than I first saw. But I believe ‘nothing can stop what is coming.’

At 7:49pm the Sun at 8:50 Aquarius Squares the North Node at 8:50 Taurus.

Neptune is sitting in the middle of the Sun and the Nodes of Fate right now, but won’t exact the Semi-Square to the North Node until Feb 1. The energy is very much at play today while the Sun Squares the North Node too. This aspect will be sudden clarity around our personal resources (North Node in Taurus) and our shared resources (South Node in Scorpio). Aquarius is the Sign of the self in the Age of Aquarius. We are ALL/each becoming self-aware and operating with greater benevolence, philanthropy and love/compassion/non-judgment/coherent emotion. As we are letting go of taxes and debt (SN in Scorpio), we are moving towards earning our own way (NN in Taurus). But the Sun in Aquarius is showing us the Aquarian ideals of equality, fairness, communal ownership/usage. There really is no NEED to own all your own stuff when things can be used communally to reach more and provide the same level of service to each person. The Sun is going to help you set new goals and purpose for managing this new Quantum consciousness around resources.

Sunday, Jan 29

At 6:36am Venus at 2:58 Pisces Quintiles Uranus at 14:58 Taurus.

This aspect is the perfect wrap to all of the rest of the packaging of aspects this weekend. Sudden resources. Unexpected gifting and charity. Changed desires towards more sharing and caring. 5D/Quantum consciousness around money, resources, desires, love, and beauty. Get into the love vibration and connect with ALL THAT IS. Step into the luxurious bath of the collective unconscious and make it conscious. Become one with the Universe. You really ARE already, but must remember that and become it again.

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