Mercury Biquintiles Mars – Jan 31

Tuesday, Jan 31, EST

At 12:09am Mercury at 16:07 Capricorn Biquintiles Mars at 10:07 Gemini.

This is a great aspect to have right about now. Mercury rules the transfer of money. Mars is Transiting in the Sign Mercury rules, Gemini. So there is a lot of 5D/effortless/magical energy in this aspect. We are motivated to communicate and line on the dotted line regarding our plans. Mercury in Capricorn, the 12th House in the Age of Aquarius, can mean the transfer of money is coming from governments/banks/corporations may not be obvious to people right now. We want to communicate and act on our ideas and plans. As you recall, both Mercury and Mars are on Phase 3 of their Retrograde cycle. In fact they both Stationed Direct at 8:08 degrees of the 2 Signs they are Transiting. They formed a Quincunx to each other during their Stations which brought some adjustment to plans, money transfers, banking issues, etc. But now the kinks and revisions have been worked out and they are meeting in a double-magic aspect. This should herald some very good news, but we may not see it all just yet.

At 6:14pm Venus at 6:03 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 6:03 Aries.

This is a minor aspect but always helpful when the 2 Healing Planets meet. Venus loves her material things and is Transiting the 2nd House in the Age of Aquarius, which she rules. Jupiter expands things and in the Sign of Aries is initiating his benevolent ways. Jupiter is helpful when in aspect to subconscious energy like Pisces. There is a feeling like an angel on your shoulder for a day here. Good things can be happening in our personal wealth areas. But again, Pisces energy can keep things hidden from view a bit. Jupiter is in the 3rd House in the Age of Aquarius so we may get to SEE the benevolence and at the least have it communicated to us.

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