Semi-Squares & Sextiles – Feb 17/18

Fri, Feb 17, EST

At 12:43am the Sun at 28:17 Aquarius Semi-Squared Chiron at 13:17 Aries.

A minor aspect that could cause a bit of wounding except that if you chose gratitude you would come through it all very well.

At 3:47pm Mercury at 9:09 Aquarius Semi-Squares Neptune at 24:09 Pisces.

Another irritating feeling that could have you speaking unexpectedly about a subconscious feeling or receiving a message from someone out of the blue. Mercury is elevated in Aquarius and could find his way out of a bind even if he sees one forming. This energy can bring quantum consciousness if you move towards the inspiration Aquarius can provide.

At 9:13pm Mercury at 9:29 Aquarius Sextiles Jupiter at 9:29 Aries.

Here the energy is optimistic and helps us act on our higher philosophy on behalf of a group, new acquaintance or social media venue.

At 10:23pm the Sun at 29:12 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 29:12 Capricorn.

A minor aspect of clarity around shared resources within a group or community or seeing ways to share more with others. Authority-types may be more philanthropic or show signs of using finances to manipulate groups of people such as unions or tribes.

Sat, Feb 18

At 9:51am Mars at 15:15 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 15:15 Taurus.

A minor aspect of inspired motivation to acquire, admire or introduce ourselves to someone unusual or in our neighborhood. You may act in ways you haven’t before and it breaks you out of a rut. Mars and Uranus can create accidents, but the Semi-Sextiles makes this less likely than a Square or Opposition. A random action could be just the right thing.

At 11:32am Venus at 27:59 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 27:59 Aquarius.

Saturn has been restricting our socializing and causing ‘censorship’ of our ideas on social media, but this aspect will help us to keep our desires to ourselves or to use our resources in hidden ways to help another.

At 5:34pm the Sun Ingresses Pisces.

As the Sun moves into Pisces, we will begin to see into areas of our life that are less obvious and more beneath the surface. The Sun will bring us through some much-needed clarity about what is going on here. As Pisces is now the 2nd House of personal resources, balance sheet, beauty and desires, we can set new goals for acquiring, using and managing our ‘wealth’. In Pisces, we must operate on faith and grow accustomed to our ‘wealth’ being hidden from view. We can begin to see new ways of incorporating this changed energy into our collective experiences. And we can begin to see the depth of the wealth that we all share collectively.

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