New Moon in Available Resources/Pisces – Feb 19/20

Sun, Feb 19, EST

At 12:04pm Venus at 29:15 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 29:15 Capricorn.

On the Anaretic degree of both Signs, the Sign’s energies are at the quintessential peak. Capricorn is caution and restriction. Pisces is dreamy and nebulous. So our desires to merge are productive, but many internally more than externally. However as Pisces is the 2nd House of available resources, same energy as Venus, in the Age of Aquarius, we could just step into the reality of our desires based on KNOWING what the new paradigm is. Venus has been in the womb of Pisces learning the new ways to acquire and developing faith for the next annual cycle when she moves into Aries tomorrow morning.

Mon, Feb 20

At 2:06am the Moon at 1:22 Pisces Conjuncts the Sun at 1:22 Pisces creating the annual New Moon in Pisces.

Pisces is where things ‘end’ or are dissolved in order for a new cycle to begin in Aries. Now Pisces is our 2nd House for the new age so this is the official annual start of those energies. With it being in Pisces, our resources could still be hidden from others’ view or solely/soully based on our own beliefs and knowing. But with our FEELINGS (Moon) and GOALS (Sun) aligned, we can kick off a month of seeing things happen in this Sign/House. The Sun shines through Pisces’ fog so we can see what is morphing here: dissolving to morph. As the 2nd House, each of our resources is what we are going to set goals for.

At 2:55am Venus Ingresses/Enters Aries.

Now Venus can express the deep shifts of our desires as she breathes her first breath on solid ground in Aries. The girl is on fire… Initiating/Cardinal Fire. We desire action; we can initiate passion to acquire, and we are smiling while we introduce ourselves to others. Venus will enter Taurus, her own Sign, on Mar 16. Until then, we desire boldness and self-assertion with beauty and the use of our resources.

At 8:42am Venus at 0:18 Aries Semi-Squares Uranus at 15:18 Taurus.

Venus rules Uranus as he Transits through her own Sign of Taurus. So this aspect is sort of ‘accident-prone with money.’ Aries is Mars energy and when teamed with Uranus we can act (Aries) before we realize there is something to trip us up (Uranus). We can become awkward in the way we assert ourselves or simply shock others with the ways we want to use our money. Uranus rules philanthropy and likes to equalize resources. Uranus in Taurus is the new Fixed-Asset currency/internet/quantum circuits of delivery of wealth. The Semi-Square may irritate a bit, but it passes quickly. Uranus is shock and awe and naturally ‘irritates’ if you fight making the changes. So today, catch yourself desiring to act in unexpected, philanthropic ways and DO IT!

At 11:19am Mercury at 13:26 Aquarius Sextiles Chiron at 13:26 Aries.

Over the next 30 hours, Mercury will meet Chiron and then Square Uranus tomorrow so he is really moving through ‘Soul Awareness’ energies. He is already in Uranian energy as he Transits Aquarius, which Uranus rules. So our 3D mind is elevated and now we are acting Soulfully. Chiron in Aries has had many Libras and Aries feeling insecure as well as each of us from time-to-time. The Sextile means it won’t be really ‘wounding’ feeling, but we may make a mental note (Mercury) to self (Aries) that we ARE insecure or unmotivated (Chiron in Aries). We may even express this on social media, but it will serve to unite us with others rather than isolate us from the crowd.

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