Jupiter Quintiles Pluto – Feb 26/27

Sunday, Feb 26, EST

At 6:12am Mercury at 22:32 Aquarius Semi-Squares Venus at 7:32 Aries.

Some irritation between our personal desires/values and what is trending on social media. You are ready to go shopping, but a group needs some donation or someone you meets needs a gift. At first you may be disappointed, but you realize its the right thing to do.

At 11:11am the Sun at 7:47 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Venus at 7:47 Aries.

Now you have some clarity around how good it feels to use your resources to help others and you see that as your new purpose. You are acting on your new values and can set goals to move towards greater giving of yourself and what you ‘own’ or have acquired.

At 9:14pm Jupiter at 11:27 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 29:27 Capricorn.

We’ve been feeling this energy building for the last few days but now we are likely to see the results of it. Is it ‘debt forgiveness?’ Is it benevolence from the governments, banks and corporations on behalf of each global citizen? Can we realize a new philosophy around shared resources that elevates our optimism? Is there something to do with broadcasting here? Jupiter rules media distribution or publishing and broadcasting. Are we able to understand new ideas around sharing ourselves and our collective capital?

Monday, Feb 27

At 1:57am Mercury at 23:53 Aquarius Quintiles the North Node at 5:53 Taurus.

Another very effortless and magical energy between our conscious mind (Mercury) who is electrified in Aquarius and offering inspiring ideas around our available resources (Taurus). Can we magically CREATE what we need in order to gift someone who is in need? Mercury rules money transfers and Aquarius rules the digital transfer, instanteous transfer of energy. The NN is Soulful and the Quintile is magical so many great things are happening to help us to be more philanthropic and generous with others.

At 3:05am the Moon at 8:28 Gemini Squares the Sun at 8:28 Pisces creating the First Quarter Moon.

Our feelings around communicating and nurturing within our community is challenged by some subconscious clarity. Its a minor aspect of intuition to help us move through the month of Pisces.

At 11:03am Mercury at 24:30 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 24:30 Pisces.

Mercury is well elevated here by 2 Higher-Mind energies: Uranus/Aquarius and Neptune/Pisces. Its a minor aspect but does help Mercury to be in greater ability to know just about anything that he needs. Mercury in Aquarius wants his freedom and paired with Neptune others sense this need too. See what gets said and what inspired solutions you arrive at.

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