Mercury Quintiles Uranus – Mar 4/5

Sat, Mar 4, EST, pm

At 4:49pm the Sun at 14:03 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 14:03 Aries.

A minor aspect that calls for gratitude even if we are feeling a bit insecure or unmotivated. We can see deeply into things that have been hidden and understand that we are all connected so rise above the separation consciousness of lower dimensions.

At 8:57pm Mercury at 3:40 Pisces Quintiles Uranus at 15:40 Taurus.

This aspect will be elevating our 3D/conscious mind into 5D/magical energies of inspiring ideas and the Quantum Shift that Uranus Septile Neptune on Jan 28 set into motion. Allow the revelations to create the sea change within yourself to move into new ways of being.

At 9:46pm Venus at 15:40 Aries Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 15:40 Taurus.

Not as magical as above, but certainly helpful energy adding our ability to initiate some philanthropic actions using our own resources. We can experience some sudden attraction or awareness of new desires to help ourselves and others.

Sun, Mar 5, am

At 6:14am the Sun at 14:36 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 29:36 Capricorn.

We can clearly see some of our own subconscious fears around authority types and our shared resources but this also allows us to set new goals moving forward. Don’t antagonize any authority type as it is rarely beneficial at this time.

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