Mercury Sextiles Uranus & Mars Biquintiles Pluto – Mar 10-12

Fri, Mar 10, EST

At 8:28am the Sun at 19:42 Pisces Semi-Squares the North Node at 4:42 Taurus.

Some subconscious clarity that could make us hesitant to reach out and touch someone. But you can choose to recognize this and be ok with it. Its just about seeing how this energy works. Remember we are all connected and use this to overcome the irritation.

At 5:04pm Mercury at 14:08 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 14:08 Aries.

Our 3D/conscious mind is in the subconscious mind where we are all connected and so we are elevated and some are confused, but Jupiter adds optimism and higher-consciousness to keep things on Karmic resolution.

At 8:18pm Mercury at 14:22 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 14:22 Aries.

A minor aspect that can have you avoiding the next thing. You may just up and leave where you were about this time or somewhere close. Nothing really rough, just a departure maybe.

Sat, Mar 11

At 1:06am Mercury at 14:45 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 29:45 Capricorn.

Another very minor aspect involving a career move or a feeling that your career is dissolving in some way. New about the banking system is likely no surprise for you.

At 10:04am Venus at 23:35 Aries Sextiles Mars at 23:35 Gemini.

Here we are motivated to run errands, show some love or go shopping. Communications between the sexes goes well.

At 4:04pm Mercury at 15:55 Pisces Sextiles Uranus at 15:55 Taurus.

This is the most helpful, but will be trumped by the one this evening. Here we have some revelations around our own wealth and bottom-line. Pisces is the new 2nd House in the Age of Aquarius and so things can be hidden and we have to go on faith. Uranus in Taurus is giving us Quantum ideas for a new financial way of life and helping us to trust in the electrical nature of it. Uranus can show us how to access this flow of currency and send it back to Mercury bathed in subconscious understanding.

At 8:14pm Mars at 23:46 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto at 29:46 Capricorn.

If you are motivated to merge financially or physically, this is the effortless aspect you need. You have just right words and are not afraid to initiate a game-plan for the evening. Or if you are looking for some financial sharing, it may be right before your eyes in a very magical way.

Sun, Mar 12, am

At 2:53am Jupiter at 14:27 Aries Conjuncts Chiron at 14:27 Aries.

Some healing energy around our insecurity or lack of motivation. There is optimism, benevolence and spiritual perspective to help us see the big picture rather than just our own insecure, butt-hurt anger.

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