In the Quantum Shift & Humanitarian Ideals – Mar 15/16

If you have the post from a few day’s ago, please refer to it for the smaller aspects occurring each day. What I’m going to highlight here are the Sun and Mercury in Septile to Uranus ahead of the 2nd exact Uranus Septile to Neptune which exacts the day after the Apr 20 Solar Eclipse at 29:50 Aries. While Uranus is applying to his 2nd Septile to Neptune, we are going to receive clarity and conscious ideas and communication that will help us to comprehend what the Quantum Shift is all about.

Wed, Mar 15, EST

7:30am the Sun at 24:37 Pisces Septiles Uranus at 16:03 Taurus.

Both the Sun and Mercury will Septile Uranus just hours before Conjuncting Neptune. So it is a wonderful opportunity to SEE more of the message of the Quantum Shift of Uranus Septile Neptune. In Pisces, the Sun is shining light on the things that Pisces keeps hidden from us. As Pisces is the new 2nd House of wealth, available resources and bottom-line, we should be learning about this new energy and what is means and to apply it to ‘income’ areas. Uranus in Taurus has been creating CHANGE around the same energy as Taurus is the natural 2nd House. Taurus rules ‘Fixed Earth’ and Uranus rules currents/currencies. Going back to an authentic (good Uranian keyword) asset-backed financial system that is also Quantum (Uranus again) in nature, is timely. The Septile brings inevitability. So today we could SEE the new currency and understand that it is based on faith (hidden things) and belief in the infinite nature of the Quantum world.

NOTE: Jupiter is within a 1 degree orb of a Semi-Sextile to Uranus and so we are getting some of the Great Awakening energy right into our Crown Chakras too. Not to mention unexpected good fortune.

7:39pm the Sun at 25:07 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 25:07 Pisces.

This shows that Uranus and Neptune are just 30 minutes (one half degree) from exacting their Septile so this aspect is in orb of their Septile. All day we should have been having deep revelations of new goals and purpose around a new way of acquiring resources to satisfy ourselves and to be charitable with others.

Thu, Mar 16

7:00am Mercury at 24:39 Pisces Septiles Uranus at 16:05 Taurus.

Now come the expressions of the clarifying deep revelations of yesterday. Mercury rules the transfer of money so we may see some unexpected windfall hit our doorstep or that of our community, which Mercury rules. Humanitarian plans are being realized and formulated to address the needs of those around us. If you are aware of the Revaluation of our currency, you may know what this means to us all and for you. Learning the new ways of acquiring are essential to operating in the Quantum consciousness and creating miracles as 5D energy allows.

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