Pluto Enters Aquarius; Quantum Financial Stuff – Mar 22/23

Wed, Mar 22, EST

At 1:44am the Sun at 1:20 Aries Semi-Squares Uranus at 16:20 Taurus.

We are now in the month of Aries with the New Moon exacting 12 hours ago. We are acting on our goals and purpose and now we are receiving some revelations into our Crown Chakra about changes we need to consider to better align with the new currency and quantum financial concepts. This will help us to pave the way for Pluto Entering Aquarius in 30+ hours. If you are considering ways to share some of your resources as part of your new purpose, this would be a hurdle to overcome. Uranus will have us changing the way we view our ‘possessions’ and it is necessary.

At 9:14am Mercury at 6:45 Aries Semi-Sextiles Venus at 6:45 Taurus.

A minor aspect but productive. We are initiating conversations around our new ideas and actions we need to take on the Mercury side of this aspect. Venus is suggesting that we look at the resources we have available for the tasks at hand.

At 10:49am the Sun at 1:44 Aries Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 1:44 Pisces.

Another minor, but productive, aspect between our new goals and purpose and our sense of accomplishment and recognition. Saturn in Pisces means that there may be no public attention for your new goals, but you can see that you are ok with that. Look for recognition from within as that is part of the higher dimensional energies we need to embrace.

Thu, Mar 23

At 8:24am Pluto Enters Aquarius.

Fixed Water/Emotions (Pluto) meets Fixed Air/Ideas (Aquarius).

This is the big news of the year. Pluto has been Transiting through Capricorn for the last 15 years. Now he is bringing his TRANSFORMATIVE self into the world of quantum, galactic, universal justice, philanthropy, electricity and current/currency and CHANGE. Drastic change is another description for Pluto and Uranus (rules Aquarius) energies merged. The change is seismic and will be FELT. Pluto rules shared resources, collective capital, debt, taxes and loans in 3D. In 5D he is all about TRANSPARENCY and HONESTY in all dealings. In 3D and 4D Pluto shows us the shadow-side of creating in Duality. So while in Capricorn, we saw the corruption of governments, banks and corporations and father-like authority. Now, if we embrace the 5D energies of Aquarius, we will instantly be working to divest ourselves of what we have in favor of equality. We will seek to make sharing of resources galactic and quantum. Is this the ‘on’ switch for the new Quantum Financial System? That would make total sense. But Quantum Consciousness requires that we ‘die’ to the idea of our old money system and move into the realm where exchange of energy is the truest form of ‘money.’ Its going to be an interesting ride. Group-think and involvement needs to be proactive for the benefit of everyone.

Pluto Stations Retrograde on May 1 at 0:22 Aquarius and will return to Capricorn on Jun 11. He will then Station Direct on Oct 10 at 27:53 Capricorn and return to Aquarius on Jan 20, 2024. We will get a taste of the new energy and then go back and finalize some of the Capricorn areas of life before Pluto returns to Aquarius until he enters Pisces in 2044. 20+ long years!!

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