Birthing the Quantum Financial System – Mar 25

Sat, Mar 25, EST

At 12:08am Mercury at 12:02 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 0:02 Aquarius.

Talk about 5D distribution of finances over electrical currents and internet, this aspect with Pluto newly in Aquarius making the first aspect is Stellar indeed. Mercury rules communication and in Aries it is initiating communications to those in charge of collective capital that is 5D in nature. The new Quantum Financial System (Pluto in Aquarius) is going to be accessible to groups (Aquarius) and individuals with philanthropic or humanitarian ‘projects’ (Aries, those who are motivated to start things). Look for communications and money transfers coming for those able to access the Quantum Consciousness/5D consciousness.

At 12:32am the Sun at 4:16 Aries Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 4:16 Taurus.

Here the Sun provides us new Soulful goals and purpose to initiate with our own ‘wealth’ and acquisitions. To use our own resources Soulfully is to apply them for the greatest good.

At 7:45am Mars enters Cancer.

Finally Mars will have us tending to our homeland, family and security needs. We will be less likely to tear up each others’ phones trying to get our words in edge-wise and aggressively. Now Mars will be motivated to nurture. As Cancer is the new 6th House of duty, service, first-responders and military, we may finally SEE them out in our hometowns helping folks.

At 9:34am Mars at 0:02 Gemini Quincunx Pluto at 0:02 Aquarius.

Meeting Pluto on the same degree and minute as Mercury did earlier, we are motivated to secure some collective capital (Pluto) to assist us in tending to our family, home and land/hometowns. There is an adjustment to be made here. These 2 Planets can create war-like events and we may well see the WW3 ‘scare event’ as a result. A threat of nuclear (Pluto) war and aggression (Mars) against the homeland/nation (Cancer) can be shocking, surprising but also awakening (Aquarius). We could see nation-states cutting off internet in order to protect their own interests. But that is the 3D side of this energy and isn’t really real for those in higher consciousness. Still look for what is happening and respond with awareness.

At 12:10pm Venus at 10:29 Taurus Semi-Squares Neptune at 25:29 Pisces.

Venus is in her own Sign of Taurus and her energy is in its truest form. She wants and desires luxury items and wealth. But Neptune is calling her to check in with our collective unconscious to alleviate any fear of lack she may be also showing right now as she clings to what she has already. Let the old evaporate (says Neptune) and rest in a truer sense of wealth where we have all that we need in this divine moment. Be deeply mindful of all and less about just your own needs and wants.

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