Venus Conjuncts Uranus; Universal Income – Mar 29/30

Wed, Mar 29, EST

At 4:13pm Venus at 15:27 Taurus Semi-Sextiled Chiron at 15:27 Aries.

This was a minor aspect but one that offered healing around our lack of motivation and insecurities. Venus is in her own Sign so truest to her nature. She is also applying to Uranus tomorrow so the combined effect is some Soul Awareness around the state of our own bottom-line, finances, available resources, earned income and beauty.

Thu, Mar 30

At 3:03pm Mars at 2:36 Cancer Trines Saturn at 2:36 Pisces.

This aspect is certainly helpful with the Trine which is a Transitional aspect we can use to move from 3D to 5D energy. Mars has us motivated to nurture and nest at home and Saturn has us isolating from the world too. At least both energies are harmonious and offering a great mom (Cancer)/dad (Saturn) balance with ourselves (Mars) in there too. We can achieve some deep contentment with family and career issues today.

At 6:25pm Venus at 16:45 Taurus Conjuncts Uranus at 16:45 Taurus.

As Venus rules Uranus as he Transits through her Sign, this could be great timing for some changes to our financial systems, both personal and universal. Uranus wants to equalize what everyone has, but he is willing to do so through charitable, philanthropic or humanitarian ways. He wants to ‘gift’ folks while is in Taurus especially. Luxury should be enjoyed universally to satisfy his Egalitarian mind. Venus can embrace this change to her personal values and understand that what is ‘hers’ now actually belongs to the collective, community and humanity. Owning and hoarding are ideas of the past. It is time to embrace change in all of the ways we understand ‘possession’ which is a 3D trait of Venus/Taurus. We changing from viewing things in terms of ownership and seeing all things as God’s and we are merely stewards us these resources on behalf of all humanity. Stand up and set the new standard. Show the beauty of giving and moderate that with ability to graciously receive as well. Venus likes to acquire by earning her way. Uranus likes to gift unexpectedly for no necessary reason at all.

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