Elevating the Self into Inter-Connectedness – Apr 1/2

Sat, Apr 1, EST

At 1:39am Mercury at 25:44 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 25:44 Pisces.

Some ideas can surface that you can act on that have been elusive or intangible for a bit. It could have something to do with available resources as Pisces is the 2nd House of individual finances in the Age of Aquarius. But keep in mind, things in Pisces belong to ‘God’ or the point where we are connected together so nothing is really ‘mine’ or ‘yours’ anymore. Its coming directly from source so act accordingly.

At 2:44am Venus at 18:40 Taurus Semi-Squares Mars at 3:40 Cancer.

We could feel some irritation from a family member that is rubbing us the wrong way. Just see how you can calm their anger while not ramping it up. Cancer has us looking at our immediate family members, but Venus just separating from Uranus now KNOWS that we are ALL family as Uranus wants things/property/goods to be communal and shared equally. So help family understand your new values.

At 11:57pm the Sun at 12:09 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 0:09 Aquarius.

Your goals and purpose are becoming clearer as our actions have revealed it to us. Now this magical aspect to Pluto, which rules shared resources, in the Sign of Aquarius, electrical currents/currency and equality, could have acting to equalize resources with others ourselves. We have clarity on ways to be more philanthropic and giving in order to apply all the 5D understanding of Aquarius energies. Revelatory clarity (Aquarius/Sun) into the Crown Chakra (Aries) can be coming in right now and Pluto will hold us to being transparent and honest in all of our financial and group dealings.

Sun, Apr 2, am

12:18am Venus at 19:24 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 19:24 Aries.

Since Wed, Venus has been moving through aspects of Soul Awareness (Chiron then Uranus) and Great Awakening (Uranus and Jupiter) with only some irritation around the ‘self’ as she connected to Mars in a Semi-Square. This aspect to Jupiter will heal any insecurities or anxiety around events over the last few days. We are moving out of ourselves and into a more collective whole and we are valuing that relationship more. Jupiter is elevating our values to be global and benevolent to create abundance all around us.

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