Book-Ends of the Age of Pisces – Apr 4

As we wrap up the last 2100+ year Astrological Age of Pisces, you might notice there are is a closing book-end to match the opening book-end of Christ’s ‘sacrifice’ and culmination of his ministry. Why is this important? Well the Universe stages these ‘resets’ to open and close the energies of one age so the way can be opened for the new age.

In the Age of Pisces, God/Source/Creator had to come in human form because Pisces is the Sign of the Godhead, where we are all connected. With Pisces as the 1st House of that age, the 1st House rules the physical body and the Crown Chakra. So God came in a human body that was not restricted to just the physical form as Pisces is part of everything. Pisces usually rules the common Source that connects us or what Christians call the Holy Spirit. So for the Age of Pisces, Christ was a ‘man’ but also part of the Trinity with the ‘Father and Holy Spirit.’

Pisces is nebulous energy, formless and mostly an inner knowing. Pisces is externalized in Virgo. In the Age of Pisces, Virgo was the 7th House of friendship. Virgo is the natural Sign of sacrifice through service. Christ became the ‘sacrificial Lamb of God’. He gave Himself for his friends. Those in 3D saw the horrible aspects of His hanging on the cross. Those in 5D knew that couldn’t kill him but others wouldn’t be able to imagine that He had lived. It is said the Spirit stays with the body for 3 days so you could be brought back to life in that time, from a 5D perspective.

Now as we approach this Easter Sunday, a similar situation is being played out on the global stage. A man who was not part of the establishment of political power, in the pattern of Christ, is front and center and being put up to be ‘sacrificed’ from the corruption of the Age of Pisces. The symbol for Pisces is 2 fish swimming in opposite directions with one on top of the other. We created in good and evil at the same time. Now we must reconcile that duality in order to move into the Quantum Age of Aquarius where we are back in communion with God and all around us.

This time, we will see the duality, good and evil of our world and choose a path out of this duality (divergent thought of the 3D mind) and into convergent thought of the 5D mind. But first we must overcome our 3D fear of death. We must ALL leave the 3D matrix we created in our 3D mind of fear. We must choose love in order to be reunited with those who have crossed over and we haven’t been able to ‘see’ them. All will rise when we have reached the Critical Mass of our Quantum Shift. So behold the new age. We are birthing the new heaven and new earth.

In the Age of Aquarius, Pisces (the Godhead) is now the 2nd House of wealth and available resources. We will have to TRUST Source/God for provision, which can be infinite when we lose all fear. I wrote a novel about this timeframe 24-25 years ago, titled, “Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug.” From 2 (Binary) to 1 (Fusion). We have finally arrived at this precipice and a ‘reset’ is upon us.

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