Eclipse Wormhole & Full Moon in Libra – Apr 5/6

We are in the Eclipse Wormhole of ‘Rapid Change’ since the New Moon in Aries on Mar 21. Events move quickly to wrap up the last Eclipse cycle energies (Solar Eclipse at 2:01 Scorpio on Oct 25 and Lunar Eclipse at 15:59 Taurus on Nov 8, 2022 ) in order to make way for the New Eclipse cycle energies. The new Eclipse cycle has a Solar Eclipse at 29:50 Aries on Apr 20 and a Lunar Eclipse energy at 14:58 Scorpio on May 5. Taurus and Scorpio are the two Money Houses of the Zodiac. Taurus our personal wealth and earned income and Scorpio rules others’ money that we share: taxes, debt, loans, child support, inheritance, mortgages, etc. Eclipses across the Taurus/Scorpio axis affect our bottom lines whether we earn it or share our money.

But on Apr 20 we have the 1st Eclipse across the Aries/Libra axis. Which will impact our own goals and those we share with partners, friends, open enemies, (all Libra people), etc. The Full Moon that is applying right now will show us some of what to expect at the Solar Eclipse across the same axis. Whatever relationship challenges you have had to bear over the last few years or longer, are likely to be supported by Jupiter near the Solar Eclipse offering a forgiving heart to all situations.

Wed, Apr 5, EST

At 12:21pm Mercury at 3:12 Taurus Sextiles Saturn at 3:12 Pisces.

A productive aspect around our new ideas dealing with money and our dissolving structures around finances too. Pisces is the 2nd House in the Age of Aquarius and Taurus is the natural 2nd House. 2nd House/Taurus rules wealth, resources, personal finances. Pisces is the ‘godhead’ where we are all connected in unseen ways. Pisces as the new 2nd House for the Age of Aquarius means that we won’t SEE our resources, but must rely on faith/trust to have all that we need. Pisces is dissolving the power and resources of our public authorities of governments, banks and corporations to be merged into the shared consciousness of all. We may have ideas of what that looks like today. Or there could be headlines reflecting this new financial picture for us all.

At 6:18pm the Sun at 15:52 Aries Conjuncts Chiron at 15:52 Aries.

Chiron has many Librans and Aries ‘butthurt’ or unmotivated. Chiron in Aries is the wounding around body image and first impression: racism, insecurity and anger at the world. But the Sun allows us to see how Chiron brings us a human experience. And we each can experience the wounding that many have Natally and better empathize with them. Sun and Chiron meeting suggests GRATITUDE is the right response to a Soul-Level wounding. There is beauty in our imperfections allowing us to have a human experience while also in Soul Awareness.

Thu, Apr 6, am

At 12:34am the Moon at 16:07 Libra Opposes the Sun at 16:07 Aries creating the annual Full Moon in Libra.

Just 6 hours later the Sun and Moon are in Opposition meaning Chiron is a part of this Full Moon. Now many will be feeling ‘butt hurt’ by friends, partners and those who have courage where they may not. Full Moons are emotional peaks and this one is very personal. Ourselves and our ‘mirrors’ of ourselves (partners, close friends and open enemies) are at odds. Stay in gratitude and out of anger. People will want to maintain balance, but it may be hard to do so for those in 3D especially. How are we balancing our own goals with maintaining reciprocal relationships.

At 1:19am Mercury at 4:01 Taurus Conjuncts the North Node.

Now Mercury will be aligning with Soulful lessons of the NN around finances, beauty, wealth, personal values and love. UBUNTU is the best lesson here: How can I be happy if my neighbor has not? Mercury rules the local community, neighbors, siblings and classmates. Are we wanting for others what we desire for ourselves? If not, it is a good time to soak up what the NN is showing you.

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