Humanitarian Funds & Luckiest Day of Year – Apr 11/12

NOTE: We had a few days without any aspects between the Transiting Planets, but Tues will make up for it.

Tue, Apr 11, EST

At 12:47am Venus enters Gemini.

Venus has been in Taurus, the Sign she rules since Mar 16. She is moving pretty quickly right now, ahead of both the Sun and Mercury, as she will Retrograde in Leo beginning on Jul 22 for her 40 days and 40 nights of ‘temptation’ of desires. For now, our desires for wealth and financial comfort are ahead of our conscious/seen (Mercury) reality (Sun). Around Aug 13, the Sun will Conjunct Venus Retrograde in Leo and leapfrog ahead of her again. Mercury is going to Retrograde in Venus’ Sign of Taurus on Apr 21 (day after the Solar Eclipse) at 15:38 Taurus and Retrograde back to 5:51 Taurus on May 14 when Mercury Stations Direct. When Venus enters Gemini today she and Mercury will be in ‘Mutual Reception’ meaning they are Transiting the other’s Sign. Venus will remain in Gemini until May 7. In Gemini, loving words will flow. We desire to be around siblings, neighbors, classmates, etc. We are beautifying our vehicles and driving around town showing it off. Look for communications to involve financial wants and needs. We will be full of ideas on how to acquire our heart’s desire.

At 6:14am Venus at 0:16 Gemini Trines Pluto at 0:16 Aquarius.

What a fantastic way to kick off her Transit through Gemini. The 2 Money Planets are meeting in a Transitional aspect (Trine) which you can take the energy from 3D to 5D and enjoy some magic. Gemini brings in communication, ideas and plans and Venus makes the financial and loving. Pluto is the investor willing to put some resources on the line for humanitarian (Aquarius) projects and plans. You can work with a group to achieve some local community ideas or on projects that benefit all of humanity. Contracts can be signed and money transferred.

At 6:07pm the Sun at 21:45 Aries Conjuncts Jupiter at 21:45 Aries.

All day has likely felt very lucky. This Conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun is often referred to as the ‘luckiest day of the year.’ So get into action, initiate some spiritual goals and purpose in order to make the most of this ‘luck’. Jupiter is optimistic, benevolent and global in perspective. The Sun brings reality and allows us to clarify our big picture ideas and spiritual philosophy. Aries brings ACTION. Its not enough to have grand goals today; you need to ACT on them.

At 7:26pm Mercury at 11:07 Taurus Semi-Squares Neptune at 26:07 Pisces.

If you signed on the line to receive some investment or financial gift, you may have some hesitation right now. But note it and allow yourself to move away from any fear or hesitancy. Mercury will make 2 more passes to Neptune in this Semi-Square aspect as Mercury Retrogrades on Apr 21. So resolve this issue now and know that it may come up again, but you can see how to work around it.

Wed, Apr 12

At 2:15am Venus at 1:15 Gemini Semi-Squares Chiron at 16:15 Aries.

Venus is a Healing Planet so this aspect to Chiron isn’t going to hurt. Rather it can make us more loving as we realize the insecurity of someone else. Right now we have just the right words to help someone else. Touch and words can help someone tonight.

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