Mercury Rx, Eclipse Wormhole & Magical Motivations – Apr 22

NOTE: Mercury Retrograde:

At 4:35am on Friday, Mercury Stationed Retrograde at 15:38 Taurus, just half a degree shy of the Lunar Eclipse of Nov 8, 2022. We are now in review and revise mode of our 3D reality. In Taurus, Mercury is reviewing our personal wealth and values. He will return to 5:51 Taurus on May 14 when he Stations Direct. Mercury first crossed over 5:51 Taurus on Apr 7 so you can see what communications, ideas and financial ideas are being revised during his Retrograde Phase. Mercury Rx will Conjunct the Sun on May 1 at 11:20 Taurus seeding a new 165-day cycle.

NOTE: Eclipse Wormhole:

We are still in the Eclipse Wormhole of Rapid Change. The Solar Eclipse on Apr 20 at 29:50 Aries brought forward new Eclipse energies as it is the first Eclipse across the Aries/Libra axis. The Lunar Eclipse in this Eclipse cycle is still in the Taurus/Scorpio energy just as the Fall Eclipse cycle will be. What this means is that our ‘Fresh Start’ energy is across the Axis of ‘self’ and ‘significant others’ and the Lunar Eclipse is ‘Wrapping Up’ something in the Axis of ‘our money/shared money.’ The Lunar Eclipse this cycle is on May 5 with the Moon at 4:58 Scorpio and the Sun at 4:58 Taurus. Lunar Ecilpses are ’emotional resets’. Something ‘shuts down’ in our lives in order to more fully embrace the ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse.

Sat, Apr 22, EST

At 10:44pm the Sun at 2:42 Taurus Quintiles Mars at 14:42 Cancer.

A very nice energy for pursuing our passion and for nurturing family or loved ones. It will be effortless to see ways to beautify our home or touch the hearts of our family with actions that demonstrate our love.

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