All About Wealth & Values – Apr 24

Mon, Apr 24, EST

At 5:04am Mercury Rx at 15:12 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Venus at 15:12 Taurus.

Over the next 4 days, Venus makes 6 aspects from 15-19 Gemini. This provides us an opportunity to really get clear about what Venus has us valuing right now. With this aspect, Mercury and Venus are in Mutual Reception (Transiting the Sign the other rules), making their energies interchangeable. Venus/Taurus rules beauty and women, desires, values, earned income, available resources, wealth and finances. Mercury/Gemini rules our ‘seen’/conscious world, duality/Karma, communications, thoughts, ideas, local community and transportation, siblings, neighbors, etc. Are we expressing our desires in our community? We are able to finance our plans to run errands, get to school events, etc? How can we apply what we have to meet our local plans?

At 7:00am the Sun at 4:01 Taurus Conjuncts the North Node at 4:01 Taurus.

Just 4 days from the Solar Eclipse, the Sun now closes the gap with the North Node and we get clarity into the Taurus goals and purpose. The North Node has been bringing us Soulful lessons around wealth and the availability of our personal resources and personal values. Taurus, ruled by Venus, likes to acquire and ‘own’ things. But the Soulful NN keeps us out of our lower self and helps us to value things from the perspective of our Souls. Do we really ‘need’ things or is it just a ‘want?’ Are these things we each need and we should ensure everyone has? The Sun can help us to see things clearly and not by into the lower vibration of Taurus which can stem from a fear of lack.

At 8:23am Venus at 15:21 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto at 0:21 Aquarius.

We are adjusting to the new energy of Pluto in Aquarius and he was Square to the Eclipse degree on Thursday so he can feel a bit challenging right now. Venus rules our personal wealth and Pluto rules the wealth of others that we use or share. Pluto in Aquarius creates intense or drastic change in our electrical circuits, currents and currencies and equality among all people and groups of people. The Ses-Square requires an adjustment to create the ease. We are planning locally for financial needs, but Pluto in Aquarius is suggesting that your plans be universal for ALL local communities, K-12 schools and neighborhoods. Is there a group willing to invest in your local project? Or can others use your ideas to create the same results in their own backyards?

At 12:50pm Venus at 15:34 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Mars at 15:34 Cancer.

Now Venus meeting Mars takes our plans and suggests that we apply our money and ideas to our families and the land as well. If we seek to beautify the neighborhood, can we first start at home? How can motivation around family help us meet our community plans and financial needs? There may be a minor benefit to keep family in focus with our plans.

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