Giving, Aggression & Between the Eclipses – Apr 26/27

Wed, Apr 26, EST

At 8:35pm Venus at 18:12 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 18:12 Taurus.

A minor aspect but one that could bring some unexpected expressions of love or philanthropic sharing or gifting to someone in your local community or siblings and neighbors. We may express our new values to be more giving and loving to those in our neighborhood.

Thu, Apr 27

At 9:35am Mars at 17:07 Cancer Squares Chiron at 17:07 Aries.

Our motivations around home and family may leave us a bit butthurt or find that we are doing too much and it is backfiring. Mars rules Aries and so there is double aggressiveness here and it could mean our actions don’t hit the way we had intended. Shake it off and keep moving.

At 1:52pm Venus at 19:01 Gemini Semi-Squares the North Node at 4:01 Taurus.

Our decision to be more giving in our community needs to be done without any feelings of lack. The Semi-Square could have us choking on our earlier plans, but just check yourself to ensure you can give Soulfully and without any thought of return.

At 5:20pm the Moon at 7:22 Leo Squares the Sun at 7:22 Taurus creating the Opening Quarter Moon.

We are feeling romantic and want to have some fun, but we also want to pamper ourselves and so we need to check our feelings against our goals and purpose and see how to this Sun/Moon cycle of the 2nd New Moon in Aries, Sign of the self, is shaping up. This Quarter Moon falls between the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 29:50 Aries (Apr 20) and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 14:58 Scorpio on May 5.

The Lunar Eclipse lies across the Taurus/Scorpio axis so is wrapping up some money issues so we can more further along with the New Moon opportunities we each want to incorporate. How are children playing a part in the ’emotional reset’ of the Lunar Eclipse? The Solar Eclipse was across the Aries/Libra axis of self and significant relationships. But Leo is helping us square our self/relationship needs with the needs of our children too.

We are still in the Eclipse Wormhole of ‘rapid change’ and are still processing all of the promise of the Solar Eclipse. But something will likely culminate or end at the Lunar Eclipse allowing us to move forward to satisfy our new self ideals and assertions.

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