Gratitude & Effortless Ability to Acquire – May 8

Mon, May 8, EST

At 9:41am the Sun at 17:43 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 17:43 Aries.

The Sun is applying to both aspects much of the day. Here we have some clarity around your wealth and resources that can help us set goals for ourselves that are Soulful or, at the very least, account for any lack of motivation or insecurity we are feeling at the moment. This is a minor, but productive, aspect. The Sun and Chiron always bring us peace if we can stay in gratitude for the things that we see from our Soul’s perspective today.

At 2:58pm the Sun at 17:56 Taurus Quintiles Saturn at 5:56 Pisces.

This is wonderful energy around finances as Pisces is the 2nd House of personal wealth in the Age of Aquarius. So we have double desires, wants/needs and resources working magically today. Saturn’s energy of structures is being dissolved in order to merge our public authority and careers into a more spiritual and faith-filled energy rather than toiling so hard as we did in the Age of Pisces where Aries was the 2nd House of resources. We had to initiate action in order to acquire then. But this new age is all about KNOWING and ALLOWING the Universe to provide as long as we stay in ‘no fear’ and TRUST.Enjoy the effortless clarity to set new goals and purpose around your wealth and acquiring what you need.

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