Sun Conjuncts Uranus; Financial Changes – May 9

Tue, May 9, EST

At 3:56pm the Sun at 18:56 Taurus Conjuncts Uranus at 18:56 Taurus.

Revelation, inspiration and clarity around all things having to do with wealth, fixed assets, available resources, our personal values, beauty and sensual touch. Uranus has been in Taurus in 2018 and will remain there until 2026. Uranus electrifies, changes, upsets and interrupts. Right now we can see how unstable financial matters have become as we watch the ‘old’ US Dollar being replaced with Taurean asset-backed currencies. Uranus can make that currency digital as well, though it is still tied to the fixed assets. The Sun is going to help us SEE more of what the Uranus winds of change have been blowing in regarding our wealth. Uranus levels things and he will ensure that wealth is shared more equitably before he leaves Taurus. We are already receiving flashes of awareness of changes to our finances and money systems. Uranus is still in tight orb of his TriDecile to Pluto. The TriDecile (108 degree aspect) brings mental growth and unfoldment. Pluto rules shared resources and our collective capital. In Aquarius, Pluto is adding to the equalizing factor of money, taxes, debts and loans. So today the Sun will be moving through that aspect with Pluto and allowing us to glimpse the ‘drastic change’ these 2 Planets create and set new goals and purpose to go with these changes of wealth and transparency around all money issues.

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