Venus in Soul Awareness – May 11

Thu, May 11, EST

At 12:51am Venus at 3:56 Cancer Sextiles the North Node at 3:56 Taurus.

Venus in Cancer is enjoying family and nurturing touch as well as pampering family with luxury items. The North Node in Venus’ Sign of Taurus is helping her to elevate your values to be Soulful. Maybe we need to expand our ideas of who our family is. Or maybe the NN is helping us to remember that loving touch in invaluable and heals us far more than money or luxury items.

At 2:42am Venus at 4:01 Cancer Semi-Squares Uranus at 19:01 Taurus.

Uranus is also in Venus’ Sign and so values and valuables are being shaken up to help us arrive at the most universal application of our money or our healing touch. The Semi-Square could add a bit of irritation, but Uranus can do that on his own anyway. Sometimes he shakes us out of our ruts and interrupts things in order to allow us to embrace inventive and ingenious new ideas. Could we hear something disruptive about our finances that is actually a great blessing to each family and their financial needs?

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