3-Way of Mercury, Venus & Saturn

Fri, May 12, EST

At 4:42am Mercury Retrograde at 6:09 Taurus Sextiles Saturn at 6:09 Pisces.

This aspect has exacted and is now separating. It was a helpful aspect between our conscious mind (Mercury) and our subconscious mind (Pisces). Saturn is the other Karma Planet along with Neptune which rules Pisces so there is a feeling around our dissolving public authority structures that is working within us all. If we ‘resist it’ (Saturn), we experience the Karma, but if we ‘flow’ with it (Pisces), we will understand the why of it all. Mercury is reviewing our plans around finances, wealth and available resources. Pisces is the 2nd House of individual wealth in the Age of Aquarius and Taurus is the natural 2nd House. We are reviewing how we value and revising our outdated ideas on acquiring things that we need. Saturn, which rules the government, was the old way of earning a living or receiving some form of payment to ‘live’ on. But with those structures dissolving, we are looking at new ways and this aspect may have shown us something helpful.

This aspect is the 1st in a 3-way aspect with Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

At 10:28am the Moon at 21:37 Aquarius Squared the Sun at 21:37 Taurus creating the Last Quarter Moon.

We are in the middle of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of May 5 at 14:58 Scorpio/Taurus and the New Moon in Taurus on May 19 at 28:26 Taurus. At the New Moon we will leave the Eclipse cycle Wormhole of Rapid Change and resume a more normal pace until the next Eclipse cycle which begins at the Full Moon in Aries on Sep 29, 15+/-days before the Solar Eclipse on Oct 14 at 21:07 Libra.

For today the Quarter Moon just shows us how we FEEL about groups, solar media and internet/Quantum things which challenge our clarity around our finances, values and beauty.

At 10:44pm Mercury Retrograde at 6:01 Taurus Sextiles Venus at 6:01 Cancer.

Mercury is straddling Saturn and Venus all day, but its productive. Saturn tends to caution us to move slowly and Venus in Cancer is suggesting we spend our money and resources on mom, home, family and land. Venus rules Mercury as he Transits her Sign of Taurus so finances and love are important by evening time.

Sat, May 13

At 2:57am Venus at 6:12 Cancer Trines Saturn at 6:12 Pisces.

Now we have the easier aspect with a Trine and Venus with Saturn means beautifying the home satisfies our father-figures (Saturn) as well as ‘mom’ (Cancer). The message here may be to put your money to work somewhere it can have lasting value: family and land. As government structures are failing, we need to rely more on love to have the faith required to create that which we desire. Pisces as the 2nd House is all about trusting the Universe to provide and not relying on old methods of the flesh to acquire through work so much. Less striving and more thriving.

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