Launching the New Financial System – May 18/19

Thu, May 18, EST

At 4:59am the Sun at 27:11 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 27:11 Pisces.

I woke up about the time this aspect was exacting. It helps to get the real clarity that way. Did you have any memorable dreams? Or see things clearly when you woke up? Look to the House where you have these Planets Transiting to see WHO and WHAT was likely involved. The Sun in Taurus is concerned with money, wealth, beauty, desires and values. So you are able to set goals that reflect your new values and to feel deep contentment around these goals today.

Fri, May 19

At 2:36am Venus at 12:35 Cancer Quintiles Jupiter at 0:35 Taurus.

It doesn’t get any better than this for feelings of love, healing and abundance. This is some 5D energy expanding our optimism, beauty, wealth and love of family. Reach out and touch someone that could use some of your magical optimism and benevolence.

At 2:39am Mercury at 6:30 Taurus Sextiles Saturn at 6:30 Pisces.

Our financial plans and desires are working productively with the things that are leaving our public authority structures. We can see new ways to acquire the resources we need and are content with the old structures leaving that no longer serve us. Mercury could be the transfer of resources while the above aspect could be all about getting us into more of the Quantum Consciousness around how we will handle or perceive wealth in our new Quantum Age.

At 11:53am the Moon at 28:26 Taurus Conjuncts the Sun at 28:26 Taurus creating the annual New Moon in Taurus.

With the Full Moon preceding the New Moon in the Sign of Taurus, we have been working with how we FEEL about our resources ahead of SEEING them manifest. Today marks the annual ‘Fresh Start’ around wealth, resources and planting seeds for a real or metaphorical garden. It is a time when your public and private natures are in sync with the next monthly cycle. This is the season to initiate new wealth and acquisition of resource plans. Our values are aligning to bring us into the new Fixed Earth assets, metals and the like as our new monetary standard.

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