Power-Plays, Energy Shifts & Clear Communications – May 20/21

Sat, May 20, EST

At 11:31am Mars enters Leo.

As I write this, Mars is separating from a Square to the Solar Eclipse degree of 29:50 Aries from Mar 20th. There could be a man that played a role in that Eclipse that night. Now he is moving from Cancer to Leo and it is a noticeable energy shift. See if you notice it right away. Mars in Cancer is motivation to protect and nurture family and feelings. Mars in Leo is motivation for fun, romance, children, creativity and the like. Casual sex is a sudden pursuit as well. Mars will remain in Leo until Jul 10. It will make for a fun, action-filled summer.

At 11:12pm Mars at 0:16 Leo Opposes Pluto Rx at 0:16 Aquarius.

Everyone has been feeling this energy for the last 48 hours. Aggression, anger and power-plays are hallmarks of Mars Opposite Pluto. In Leo now, Mars strives to be the center of attention, but Pluto in Aquarius is power-plays by groups of people OR intimacy and shared resources between groups and tribes. So we have the self vs the group; children vs socializing; romancing one vs flirting with a group of acquaintances. As these 2 Planets are Square to Jupiter, newly in Taurus now, their challenge to each other (the Opposition) is suddenly global and spiritual. Mars and Pluto create wars or battles. Jupiter in Taurus could make the battle of finances and wealth. But Pluto can bring in nuclear ‘threats’ as part of his ‘drastic change’ energy while in Aquarius. There can be some vigilantism, rioting, etc. It can be fairly short-lived, but can set things in motion for a bit.

In the Age of Aquarius, Aquarius is now the 1st House self and Mars rules the self as well. If there a war within? Leo is now the 7th House of friends, business partners and open enemies. This can be beneficial for Jupiter creating optimism around finances with his separating Square to Pluto and also challenges from global players or global situations. We will know soon enough what this intense motivation is going to be all about by later this evening.

Sun, May 21

At 3:09am the Sun enters Gemini.

The Sun is moving from Taurus: beauty, wealth, finances, Fixed Earth, planting of seeds, creature comforts. The Sun in Gemini is Mutable (changeable) Air where our conscious mind likes to play, plan and discuss local things, neighbors, neighborhood, K-12 graduation, local transportation all modes of vehicles. The Sun brings our goals and purpose into focus around the Sign’s energy. So the next month is about getting clear on all these Gemini and its ruler, Mercury.

At 9:58am the Sun at 0:16 Gemini Trines Pluto Rx at 0:16 Aquarius.

Thankfully this ease of a Trine from the Sun to Pluto is applying as Mars Opposes Pluto. This means communications can help calm any ruffled feathers as we get our backs-up about someone challenging us personally. The Sun in Gemini can have us SEEING the transfer of money we were desiring with the Sun in Taurus. With the Sun in the Sign of our conscious mind/seen world, we have an ease with aligning our goals and purpose with our mental constructs.

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