Magical Motivations & Finances – May 21/22

Sun, May 21, EST

At 1:26pm Mars at 0:37 Leo Biquintiles Saturn at 6:37 PIsces.

Magical, effortless energy between our ‘go’ button (Mars) and our ‘stop’ button (Saturn). We are motivated for fun, romance, entertainment and children, but our subconscious can be suggesting that we slow things down. But the Biquintile makes it so easy to maintain the balance and still see miraculous results. Our subconscious mind will support our motivations with imagination to create something very worthwhile.

Mon, May 22

At 1:56am the Sun at 0:55 Gemini Sextiles Mars at 0:55 Leo.

Now the Sun and Mars complete their 3-way aspect with Pluto from Sat night/early Sunday. Here we have some productive clarity around our motivations regarding any power struggles or sexual urges that were acted upon for Saturday night. Can our conscious mind comprehend what was going on and what it means for our shared resources (Pluto). Can we SEE (Sun) the results of the Sun Trine Pluto? Gemini can be involved in actual transfer of resources or intimate and transparent communication.

At 4:31am Venus at 15:48 Cancer Quintiles the North Node at 3:48 Taurus.

Now comes some magic around our personal bottom lines, our wealth (Venus and Taurus) and the North Node makes it all Soulful and 5D as well as the Quintile. Cancer adds in the element of security, mom, home, family, land and nurturing. How can magical resources and wealth be nurturing? Do we have plans to beautify our homes and others’ too? Cancer is the 6th House of service, duty, honor in the Age of Aquarius. Should EVERYONE have a home? Can we find ways to acquire what is needed to do so? There is magical ability in our desires today.

At 12:55pm the Sun at 1:21 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 1:12 Taurus.

Now our goals for healing and abundance are becoming clear and real in Gemini energies. We can SEE the results of money exchange, benevolence and good fortune. It is a minor aspect, but in light of all of the aspects the Sun has made in 36 hours, something is afoot to bring our global, spiritual and benevolent purpose to light.

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