Global Philanthropic Mental Ideation – May 23/24

Tue, May 23, EST

At 1:13am Mars at 1:28 Leo Squared Jupiter at 1:28 Taurus.

This was the 3rd aspect in a T-Square of energy between Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. On the 17th Jupiter Squared Pluto, on Mar 20 (Sat night) Mars Opposed Pluto and now Mars Squares Jupiter in the final aspect. A T-Square pours the energy into the empty corner of a Square… 0:18-1:28 Scorpio. At 2+ degrees Scorpio, we had the Solar Eclipse from last Oct. So very near that degree. And Jupiter is applying to Conjunct the North Node bringing in the Nodes of Fate with the ‘drain’ in Scorpio… the letting-go energy. Scorpio rules transformation, shared resources (taxes, debt, loans, child support, inheritance, etc) and intimacy. If you add the Nodes of Fate, which we probably SHOULD, then we have a Great Gear Shift of Fixed energies… all 4 Fixed Energy Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. We are changing our fortune (Jupiter) around money and significant relationships where we share money or ourselves. We may have initiated some romance last night or kept to yourself as well. Instead enjoying some luxury and fun for yourself or with children.

At 12:19pm Mars at 1:44 Leo Quintiles Uranus at 19:44 Taurus.

Now Mars and Jupiter are in a 3-way aspect with Uranus over the next 36 hours. This is the 2nd aspect in that configuration. Add Uranus in Taurus we have a leveling of wealth and philanthropy energy at play. Jupiter makes thing benevolent and Mars in Leo is bringing in games of chance and fun. We may suddenly ACT in unexpected, philanthropic ways today in order to help a group, or our social network have more fun. If we get ahead of ourselves (as Mars and Uranus together can do), it will bring magical results. Act before thinking and you may realize the magical energies here.

Wed, May 24, am

At 10:30am Jupiter at 1:47 Taurus Virgintiles Uranus at 19:47 Taurus.

This is basically Jupiter and Uranus’ final aspect before they Conjunct in Taurus next year. The Virgintile is an 18 degree aspect or 1/3 of a magical Quintile aspect. It brings mental ideation. Jupiter and Uranus together ARE the Great (Jupiter) Awakening (Uranus). Put them both in Taurus now and we have Global (Jupiter), Fixed Asset Wealth (Taurus) applied Equally/Universally (Uranus). We may be seeing the end goal of their last 14-year cycle. They will meet next Apr at 21-22 Taurus. Its going to be epic. But today, we can get a sense of the things they are conspiring to bring to us. Look for things to begin to line up around new inventions for healing, new global currency and revaluation and the like.

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