Love Over Action & Planning – May 24/25

Wed, May 24, EST, pm

At 7:00pm the Sun at 3:31 Gemini Semi-Squares Chiron at 18:31 Aries.

In the next 12 hours we have a 3-way between Venus, Sun and Chiron. Sun + Chiron is best handled with gratitude. We can SEE how our WOUNDING works to help us have a human experience. If we watch events with detached emotion, there is no ‘pain’ only experience. Our plans may not go as we thought or we lack the motivation to see it through. Insecurity makes communication less likely so we need to go forward from a Soulful perspective of ZERO expectations. Find a way to be grateful for the experience.

At 7:39pm Venus at 18:32 Cancer Squares Chiron at 18:32 Aries.

2nd aspect in the 3-way – Venus is really helping out here and offering some healing in the middle of any lack of motivation or insecurity. Venus may be fluffing up pillows for you to sink yourself into rather than do that thing you think that you need to do. Comfort yourself or others, likely family, or look to the House where you have 18+ Cancer to see who you are spoiling. Use hugs, bon bons or whatever it takes to move through this energy. It can feel good to no ‘act’ on anything right now.

At 9:18pm the Sun at 3:37 Gemini Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 3:37 Taurus.

Here our plans are getting some Soulful support in addition to Chiron. The NN is suggesting to seek some comfort and spoiling rather than just driving around in circles or spinning your wheels if nothing really materializes.

Thu, May 25

At 5:05am the Sun at 3:55 Gemini Semi-Squares Venus at 18:55 Cancer.

3rd aspect – Now we have some financial or healing clarity on how well we navigated the evening. Were we able to keep our goals in mind even though our plans were challenged? Did we choose love over communication that might have been less productive or distorted the real message?

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