Financial Dreams Become Reality – May 26-30

Fri, May 26, EST

At 4:05pm Mars at 3:33 Leo Squared the North Node at 3:33 Taurus.

This was kind of a tense energy that created aggression around desires, passion, finances and entertainment. For example, I was at the local Dive Bar waiting for a friends’ band to play. They had a ‘opening band’ play (Leo) the first set. From the minute they turned the speaker on, no one could be in the room. People were suddenly angrier (Mars) and restless. The lead band smoked outside the entire time. I asked the band to turn it down a bit. In 10 years I’ve never had a band ignore a request I made. My eardrum (Mars) is still sore today. The reverb (angry sounds) was off the charts. The band playing didn’t have to hear it. They used no vocals (North Node in Taurus) and supplemented with reverb. Annoying for sure. It did change everyone’s mood. Can you remember what happened for you on Friday?

Sun, May 28

At 6:46am the Sun at 6:42 Gemini Squared Saturn at 6:42 Pisces.

We may have been expecting some communication that never materialized or we may have decided against initiating some communications ourselves. If you are waiting on the RV ’email’ this is likely the cause of the delay.

At 10:40am Mercury at 12:23 Taurus Semi-Squared Neptune at 27:23 Pisces.

Another reason we didn’t ‘see’ things materialize around communications and finances. Pisces is the 2nd House of finances and wealth in the Age of Aquarius. Pisces is the natural 12th House of the subconscious and keeps things hidden from view and actually dissolves things as well. It is ‘intangible’ and therefore you MUST rely on faith and the nudges at the corners of your awareness.

Tue, May 30

At 10:47pm the Sun at 9:26 Gemini Quintiles Neptune at 27:26 PIsces.

This would be the perfect time to SEE some new financial realities as the Sun shines through Neptune’s fog. Gemini is the 5th House in the Age of Aquarius so taking a risk or being lucky may be part of this helpful energy to SEE set new financial goals while KNOWING the wind is at your back to create your dreams.

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