Full Moon in Sag & Convergent Thought – Jun 2/3

Fri, Jun 2, EST

At 6:42pm Venus at 27:28 Cancer Trined Neptune at 27:28 Pisces.

This aspect is still separating and it can show us some of our desires around family, deep contentment and finances. We are at ease within ourselves with this aspect. We are approachable to others and our smile went a long ways to bring ease and love.

Sat, Jun 3

At 11:46am Mercury at 18:56 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 18:56 Aries.

A minor aspect that will help us to be less insecure and to initiate communications or a loving touch. We are thinking about our wealth, our desires, the things we value and so some help getting us motivated is productive.

At 2:04pm Mercury at 19:03 Taurus Quintiles Saturn at 7:03 Pisces.

This aspect is able to deliver some communications around finances, resources and our ability to KNOW, subconsciously by faith, that miracles can happen. We need to get acquainted with the nebulousness of Pisces ruling our wealth and resources. It can mean it is not seen at all, but we need to KNOW it is there. We can draw from the etheric energy of the magnetic field of consciousness. Create some magical resources for Cinderella to get to the ball tonight.

At 11:42pm the Moon at 13:18 Sagittarius Opposes the Sun at 13:18 Gemini.

Full Moons are emotional peaks. We are going to SEE (Sun) how we FEEL (Moon) about our intellectual/spiritual ideas. Gemini and Sagittarius are about ideas and perspective. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is 3D thought that needs to SEE before believing or understanding. Gemini is the Sign of the duality of good and evil. It rules early childhood learning. That IS where you learned to trust ONLY the physical world. Sagittarius is a Higher-Mind energy that RESOLVES the Karma of Gemini by seeing how the duality was really 2 sides of the same coin. Its like ‘if God is omniscient, then he created the ‘evil’ too’ and it wasn’t a mistake, but an experience is a message that Sagittarius can help you to see. Reconcile the conflicting or interfering waves in your world today. See how you can duality alive by continuing to ‘judge’ whether things are ‘good or bad.’ In 5D, you don’t judge, you merely accept and that resolves the karma. Sagittarius unites us globally. There may be a global emotional challenge tonight that we need to move out of fear and into optimism in order to resolve our Karma and leave the matrix of fear. Go boldly into convergent thought. Good and evil is divergent thought. Collapse the matrix by CONVERGING your DUALITY into SINGULARITY!

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