Unexpected Ideas & Financial Balance – Jun 4/5

Sun, Jun 4, EST

At 3:49pm Mercury at 20:24 Taurus Conjuncts Uranus at 20:24 Taurus.

Unexpected communications.Unexpected philanthropy. Unexpected desires. Shocking news. Or maybe just a surprise text from a woman or someone you love. Out-of-the-blue ideas for acquiring resources. Etc, etc. Uranus is in new territory and moving towards 23:05 Taurus before Stationing Retrograde on Aug 28. So our awareness is new and fresh and will be reviewed again this fall. Mercury is out of the Shadow of his last Retrograde cycle and so this is all new energies for us in Taurus, the Sign of wealth, finances, beauty and love. Sudden ideas and headlines could create something we were not expecting. What what pops into your conscious world to shake you up.

Mon, Jun 5

At 9:46am Venus enters Leo.

Ah, the ‘girls just wanna have fun’ Transit begins NOW. Venus will move through Leo until Oct 8 because she will Retrograde at 28:36 Leo on Jul 22. She will return to 12:13 Leo before Stationing Direct on Sep 3. So the entire summer will have us desiring entertainment, creativity, romance and children, though her 40 Days of Retrograde can be a challenge to navigate.

At 12:05pm Venus at 0:05 Leo Opposes Pluto at 0:05 Aquarius.

She has been applying intensely to Pluto over the last 24-36 hours, but just new in Leo we will start to feel the real energies of this Opposition. Our personal resources for fun is being challenged by a group or tribal/collective (Aquarius) shared resources. Someone from a group may be holding the purse strings so you find you need to balance your own needs with a group of folks or your social network. Your personal desires must be balanced by the finances of the group. Or maybe a group will decide to finance your plans to be an entertainer this summer and so you are all set.

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