5D Astrology of Cancer

In Astrology, Saturn rules the skin, the bones and skeletal system of the body. Makes sense because in physical terms, Saturn rules structures and other earthy things like solid foundations. So the parallel is there with these aspects of the body.

But for years now I have known that ‘Cancer’ cells are really just highly acidic cells. I started coming to this awareness when a company approached me, called Panacea, that said they could cure cancer and they wanted my help in seeking financing for their ‘cure.’ Well, in those days I did mergers and acquisitions which requires me doing ‘due diligence’ on the companies first. Due diligence means I had to research their technical services for copyright infringement, etc. In other words, I needed to know if the services they wanted to provide had merit, were unique and protected so that others couldn’t come along and do the same thing overnight.

Panacea offered a very unique way of ‘injecting’ sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda) into a person’s bloodstream in order to ‘destroy’ the high levels of acid in their bodies. Hmmm… today naturopaths call this ‘Chelation.’ Your grandmother called it drinking a teaspoon of baking soda in water each day;) Baking soda is one of 3 naturally occurring ‘bases’ that neutralize acid in the body. The other 2 are apple cider vinegar and maple syrup. Drink a bit of any of these 3 each day and you will have fewer acid cells occurring and lingering in your body.

At the same time I was working with Panacea, I was also on a start-up with 2 General Electric board members. I was helping them to place their body-scanning machines in the Middle East while also offering tele-radiology services remotely. That’s when it all began to make sense. You see, medicine changed once Doctors (and scientists) could see inside the body. They began to be absorbed by the images they saw and paid less attention to the symptoms of their patients.

If you drink a big coffee (or even a little one),or soda shortly before a body-scan, your scan will show these ‘dark cells’ that the medical community calls ‘cancer.’ What these cells really are is just the cells where the acid has collected as the acid is still being diffused throughout the body. You may remember your Biology class in high school where you learned about how cells are permeable and how diffusion works.

While there may be some other compounding conditions that developed when your body becomes too acidic, the very starting point of ‘cancer’ in the medical community is bogus.

When I wrote my novel (Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug) back in 1998, I had a story thread of a woman who was diagnosed with cancer and was healed, but she died anyway. I somehow understood that it was a choice she was making. I didn’t understand that choice until I understood more about Astrology. When I wrote my novel, I could see and understand 5D things without knowing why. Today I know why;) My Natal Uranus (god-like revelation) makes a 5D aspect to my Natal Neptune (god-head mind that can know all things).

Anyway, as I followed more Astrology, I can see how ‘cancer’ really works… not on our bodies so much as on our subconscious mind. You see, if someone tells me they have ‘cancer,’ I can tell them the exact date they were diagnosed. Its not complicated at all. When Saturn enters their 12th House of their subconscious, they are usually diagnosed.

Saturn and Neptune are the 2 Karmic Planets of 3D and 4D reality. They affect what we ‘see’ in our physical world, though Mercury is the ‘lens’ that defines what we are seeing and this ability to ‘see’ anything is shaped by thoughts and ideas that other people give us via communications of all sorts (including media).

In 3D Saturn shows us our ‘karmic fear’. We can know WHAT we fear by Saturn. But those fears from our previous lifetimes or from the mind where we are all connected, are stored by Neptune which is our ‘collective unconscious,’ as Carl Jung termed it..Saturn is structure and when, for example, he aspects our Sun, in 3D, we begin to experience ‘aging’ and other challenges (Saturn restricts) to our vitality (Sun).

But the 12th House,our subconscious and the collective unconscious, is where things END. In 3D, you are here to create Karma and resolve it over many lifetimes. Your Soul is having an experience, because as Carl Sagan once said, “You are a Soul living in body; not a body with a Soul.” So when you are ‘ending’ your Karma (Saturn enters the 12th House), you are diagnosed with ‘cancer’ and start the dissolving (Neptune dissolves) of your bodily structures (Saturn) as you approach ‘death.’

When people are diagnosed with ‘cancer’, besides telling them the date they were diagnosed (I do that so they have to think twice about the other things I say), I suggest they request a 2nd body-scan and then refrain from acid for 24 hours up to 2 weeks before that date. If their scan comes back clear (which it has many times for people) then they are likely going to continue to stay in this body. Then I tell them their Karma so they can do the internal work to process through it and let it go so it doesn’t continue to ‘eat at them’ so to speak;)

OH! and WHERE you have Saturn in your Natal chart shows me where your cancer will be!

Now, that said, if someone doesn’t want to face their Karma, they will likely go through the hell of many treatments until they finally face it on some level. Or they will hobble along until their next Chiron Transit when they will choose to die or stay on. Saturn and Neptune don’t kill us, but they can put us through ‘hell’ if we are not in 5D awareness. 4D thoughts and ideas can carry us through the hell of it, but it is a long road.

Stepping into 5D awareness is possible. Stay tuned to this site for more insight on all the ways we are actually moving into 5D:)

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