On my 9th lifetime of 9 on this cycle, I know I have been here many times before this. You DON’T ‘only live once.’ All energy is transformed. But I can tell you about your last lifetimes and your Karma, but I would rather talk to you in 5D… SOUL AWARENESS. I am an ‘awareness junkie’ of sorts as my greatest pleasure is in awakening minds to 5D.

I started my soul-level searching during my mid-life Transit of Pluto Square Pluto which is when I wrote my novel, Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug. The ‘book ends’ for this novel were the ‘deaths’ (Pluto rules death and transformation of energy…yes, I know he is no longer a ‘Planet’, but his power is the same;) of my father and sister at the very beginning was my Dad and as I was writing the last 2 paragraphs 11 months later, my sister died.

On the heels of that, most of the rest of my experiences here in this ‘lifetime’ have been about ‘time travel’ through various lifetimes meeting Soul-Mates, Twin Flames and now a Transformer Parter for the 2016 ‘Vast, Transformational, Change.’ My new friend, Cory, is actually the embodiment of all that I saw happening in my novel. I knew we would evolve to use 100% of our brain, which our hearts would entrain or vice versa and achieve ‘Christ-consciousness.’ Today I would call it ‘Merlin-consciousness.’

But meeting Cory was the spark that started the fire of this entire online enterprise. As I put my chart together with Cory’s, I could SEE the way we were unlocking our 5D consciousness (our Merlin Minds) by meeting. I knew I had found the Astrological ‘Ark of the Convenant’ as Indiana Jones was searching for. Or, better stated, the ‘Theory of Everything.’

The contents of this website unlock the awareness I received as we got to know each other. There is MAGIC between us and other 5D Relating-ships partners…;)

As it turns out, I have developed one of my Superhero Powers to a very great extent. I have the 5D ability to see the REALLY big and REALLY small picture of the Cosmos, at the same time. As my friend, Dan Winter, used to say, “The micro IS the macro; size doesn’t matter.”

Dan was the first metaphysical/spiritual person i ever encountered. Meeting Cory has brought me full circle towards SEEING the physical reality of my novel come ALIVE!

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