The Dimensions Explained

We are moving from 3D reality into 5D. 4D is an in-between stage that has been allowing us to master our subconscious mind as we resolved our Karma from 3D things.

We ASCEND in consciousness and dimensional reality with the Planets:

3D – The Karmic Mind – The Planet Mercury

CAUTION: Though I will be using some 3D Biblical analogies, do NOT for a minute think this is one of THOSE sites! The Age of Pisces is filled with historical texts that we culturally can relate to and they provide a story of how our minds work without me having to retell a story.

True to the analogy of the Bible (and various other texts), the ‘fall’ of man was into a 3D understanding of ‘good and evil’. In the Creation story, Adam and Eve left the garden, where they lived in communion with ‘God’ and fell into separation consciousness. They began to see themselves as separate from God and even each other. They wanted to cover their sexual parts as the total physical immersion into 3D reality puts an entirely different spin on existence than when they were living with God-like awareness in the Garden of Eden.
The REAL fall came not from man, but from ‘God’ as he said, “Though shalt NOT eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” In the analogy, this was the FIRST DIVERGENT thought! There was ONLY convergent thinking before that DUALITY thought came in;)
Since the fall into lower consciousness, man has been going through many experiences about what it is to live in a human body without memory of their Souls. It was often times a terrifying place where we experienced Nazi Germany and ISIS type horrors. But our Souls chose this experience. Nothing more; nothing less. Our Souls have chosen to have a variety of experiences so we can see the breadth and depth of life in a 3D/physical reality for what it is: an experience.
In 3D, the mind of man totally bought into the physical limitations of what he ‘saw’ outside of himself. He cut the umbilical cord to his Soul in order to understand what life was like in the vanity of man, devoid of higher consciousness. He developed fears and limitation consciousness. His life became defined by the finite physical reality he could see. Without understanding of quantum, 5D creation, he counted what was before him and could not imagine being able to ‘get’ more than this from anywhere.
Like when King David counted his army (as God had told him not to), he suddenly started losing the battles. Winning became not about faith in something higher (something potentially magical), but about the number of men in his army vs. his enemy’s army. He started to believe his ability to ‘strategize’ would be his reason for winning a battle. He began to trust in his reasoning of the physical reality and left the Quantum reality of all that is. When King David trusted ‘God’ he was winning his battles because he was really trusting in the benevolence of the Universe to magically create what he had faith for. Similar to the way ‘God’ created the Universe;)
The Bible is a useful tool for showing 3D and 4D reality because it was made significant at the Dawn of the Age of Pisces roughly 2000 years ago. Pisces, ruled by Neptune, is essentially the faith-based mind behind ALL religions of the last 2000 years.
As we move into the Age of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, we enter into a more collective awareness of ‘God-like revelation’ that frees us from ‘faith’ and moves us into the science behind our entire reality.
This is the Astrology I talk about. Uranus rules self-awareness and Astrology, but 5D Astrology is a new expression of an old tool that assisted many people as they grappled with 3D consciousness and reality.

How is 3D tied to Karma?
In a 3D reality, man creates his own problems as he strives to be ‘good’. What he doesn’t remember is that creating something ‘good’ automatically makes the judgment that something else is ‘bad’ and needs to be avoided. But as we are made in the image of God, our thoughts and words create our reality.
Our Universe is perfectly symmetrical at a Quantum level. So when we choose to create something of a ‘good’ value, we are creating according to the absolute mathematical value of ‘good and evil’ or positive and negative AT THE SAME TIME! We are CREATING our OWN Karmic consequence.
And the way OUT OF KARMA is to NOT JUDGE it, but rather to accept the bad and move through it. Why? Because our OWN CREATION is coming BACK to us eventually.
One of the most useful tools for Karmic Resolution over the last 2000 years was ‘prayer’. Not because there is a ‘God’ up there directing prayer requests as we send them, but because WE resolve the duality/Karma within ourselves when we FORGIVE someone for what they did to us (which was REALLY what WE DID TO US as we created our OWN EVIL consequence).

Yet even in 3D, many of us still had encounters of higher dimensional realities that essentially allowed to hit the ‘Zero switch’ and exit the harshness of 3D reality for a more hopeful place. This is where we encountered 4D consciousness.

As we ASCEND into higher consciousness, we will have CONVERGENT thought again. There will be NO DUALITY!!

In a Quantum sense, 3D is the basic chemical reactions of the atoms and molecules. In 3D, all atoms, except the ‘noble’ ones, have an incomplete electron ring. This creates their imbalance as they create chemical changes when they exchange electrons with one another. These ‘chemical reactions’ are exactly like our ‘karma’ coming back to us.

In the Universe, the micro IS the macro. Whatever happens at the quantum level happens at the physical level as well. So you don’t have to look to atoms and molecules to discover consciousness;) Though it is easier because our ‘stories’ of our reality that we share are often hotly contested in the public domain… never talk religion or politics in polite company… ring a bell?

4D – The Hopeful/Faith-Based Mind – The Planet Neptune

Prayer, along with any other ‘formula’ for trying to change the reality around us without full understanding of how we created that very reality, is a 4D formula. In 4D, we start to believe there is some unseen force (god) that can change things if we DO the same thing each time. If I pray and something changes, then I believe prayer works and EVERYONE should pray.
But prayer DOESN’T work EVERY time and neither does ANY other formula or superstition to CHANGE things. What DOES change things is a BELIEF that they CAN change;) But EVERY formula that people try to sell to other people as a WAY to get well, get money, get love, romance or relationship, have children, save the world, etc. is NOT going to work EVERY time and NOT for EVERY person.
Because the SCIENCE ISN’T there. In 4D, there is FAITH and NOT Science to stand on. And Faith is NOT enough for things to work EVERY TIME.
So many people today work in a ‘job’ that offers a 4D solution to something. Yet, if even just ONE solution was actually UNIVERSAL and worked like those handful of promoters believe, we wouldn’t be having this conversation here;)

Well, like everything else in the Universe, the Planets brought about the end of our Age of Pisces Karma at the end of the Mayan Calendar. We are now into a new level of consciousness experience that is infused with Uranian energy. Vastly different from Piscean energy.

In 4D, whenever an atom completes its electron ring, it becomes chemically stable, for a time. This is like ‘faith’ in our conscious world. When I wrote my novel, Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug, I knew that one or more people holding compassion (chemically inert status in Quantum Physics) could spread that compassion to others creating an electrical field that moved them out of fear. This was proven by 2 Scientists in Spring of 1999 and the article, titled ‘Star in a Jar’ in Scientific American included an excerpt of a published finding stating that some physicist had discovered that ‘in the presence of a noble element, all other elements achieve their noble atomic structure.’

The way I understood this in metaphysical terms that if we desired to be ‘Christ-like’ we would be NON-REACTIVE to our old 3D Karma and we would ASCEND into using 100% of our brain, which would entrain our heart as well… becoming ‘Christ-like.’ That is the entire premise of my novel. I had started to write a second book titled, ‘Becoming Noble,’ which would describe what I called ‘Transformational Chemistry.’

5D Astrology IS Astrology OF the completed TRANSFORMATION into Merlin Minds.

5D – The Magical/Merlin Mind – All the Higher Mind Planets: Jupiter, Uranus & neptune; Asteroid Chiron and other 5D ASTEROIDS

I incarnated in this lifetime with a 5D aspect between 2 of my Higher Minds: Neptune and Uranus. My Natal Neptune is Conjunct my Natal Mercury so I can speak to you about the 5D ‘magic’ made between these Planets. There are many more aspects in my Natal Chart that affect my ‘magic’, but this is the primary one where it all began to be revealed.

Each of us has a DIFFERENT MAGICAL MIND. But it IS where we can experience and create magic. It involves the timing of the Planets and aspects to your Natal chart.

You already have some 5D abilities that you were born with. If you don’t know that these are your Superhero Powers, you are probably not using them fully. Underdeveloped Superhero Powers can operate like kryptonite and feel very bad for you. Knowing how to use these, can help you begin to FEEL 5D consciousness.

To develop your 5D/Merlin Mind, this is a process that will assist you in KNOWING the Science behind YOUR 5D magic.

Achievement of 5D Consciousness includes the following abilities:

1) You can remember your previous lifetimes and there is an integrity to them that shows you the path you were on to experience.
2) You KNOW you are a Soul living in a body and you OWN everything that you experience… it is YOURS and no one else’s fault. You chose this experience and you are living it. 3) Awareness can create a changed response in you to your physical environment that CHANGES EVERYTHING. Taking it to the next level, you can work with the MAGIC.
4) You realize you can CHANGE the physical reality that you see during times when your ‘magic’ is available to you.
5) You can understand things like time travel, jumping, astral projection, etc.

To raise your consciousness to 5D, you NEED AWARENESS. The best path to that is discovering the SCIENCE to YOUR magic:

NOTE: There is simply a ‘process’ here to unlocking your OWN ability to see WHEN YOUR MAGIC is available.

Step 1: Merlin Mind Report that outlines YOUR UNIQUE Higher Minds and how to use them to create more ‘magic’ when it is available. You need to learn to TRUST these minds rather than not understand them at all.

Step 2: 5D Transit Report that shows you WHEN you will have your ‘magic’ available to you. At this point, you begin to FEEL the various Planets for yourself and can learn to sense when the energy is available to ‘play with it’ in 5D.

Step 3: PRACTICE through INTERACTION with other Higher Minds and build on what you already know. Wizard Camp is a great place to do that. But start by interacting with others on the Forums here.
PS – This is simply a ‘process’ here to unlocking your OWN ability to see WHEN YOUR MAGIC is available. These steps simply give you the TOOLS to discovering the Universe’s timing so you can work with it. The AWARENESS is ALL YOURS!

And I KNOW you will ONLY order a Report WHEN there is some MAGICAL aspect in your chart!!