The Merlin Mind

The Merlin Mind is a 5D attribute. You can come to understand 5D better by seeing the way our minds really work. To break it down, we don’t have to dissect the physical brain. You simply have to FEEL the differences between the various minds.

As I became more aware of the Mind Planets (my term as I felt them that way), I was able to see something very interesting that was happening as I have ascended out of 3D over the years. I was disconnecting from using one of the Planet’s energies as a determining factor for ANYTHING. And I began seeing another way to use this Planet’s energies.

I am referring to Mercury which I have called the ‘vanity mind’ as the Bible often referred to. The Planet Mercury represented the ways we thought in 3D, the ways we learned from others and how to quantify our physical reality.

Under Mercury’s influence, man became absorbed with and trapped by the physical world. THAT was the fall. We forgot our souls and our connection to ‘god’ and each other. We exchanged that for immersion into a physical reality where everything was quantifiable AND LIMITED. And in a limited world, we were fighting with each other for the resources as a high stake game of survival.

Neuroscientists say there are 3 Brains. The first 2 Brains describe 3D and 4D reality:  The Reptilian Brain of the caveman with survival as his only objective; and the Limbic Brain of pain and pleasure. In 4D there is a constant going back and forth trying to apply some new awareness, as received from some higher source we couldn’t identify except as ‘God’, to our 3D reality. In 4D, we are yo-yo’s going between pain and pleasure constantly. We have some hope, only to lose it again as our old reality comes back up.

The I-Ching, derived from Ancient Chinese philosophy of the Tao Te Ching, states that man’s first desire to find a ‘god’ occurred when they lost a loved one through death. It was their desire to reconnect to that person that caused them to seek out some divine answer outside of their physical, ego-based world.

As they seek something outside of themselves, a person begins to open up again to the other Higher Mind Planets. Throughout 4D reality, they will teeter back and forth between their vanity mind and their all-knowing, god-like, subconscious mind, known as Neptune.

When you begin to see that the Universe DOES NOT create according to 1+1=2, as you learned in school, but rather it creates according to mitosis, which doubles exponentially, or the Fibonacci Sequence which creates recurring spirals infinitely, then you begin to pay less attention to your old 3D reality and you turn inward to discover ALL that the collective god-head (called Neptune) knows.

Beyond the death of someone, others may encounter a Uranian breakthrough as Saul did on the road to Damascus. Or as Archimedes did in his bathtub when he discovered ‘displacement.’ Uranus provides lightning bolt flashes of insight that can shake you out of your limited beliefs and set on higher ground.

Or you may experience a sort of angelic presence that takes you up to view a higher perspective, as Ezekiel did. From there, you can see how the good and evil were all part of the same thing and you arrive at an entirely new way to view the world and your reality.

When you begin to release your limited, Mercury mind, though, some very expansive (Jupiter), mind-blowing (Uranus), deep shifts (Neptune) begin to occur and you may suddenly find yourself a Wizard;)

When I wrote my novel back in 1998, I KNEW that we would come to use 100% of our brain, which was achieved through compassion. I saw us all achieving it at an exponential rate of ‘doubling’ the number of people each day. I knew compassion SPREADS! I knew that in the presence of a chemically inert person (someone completely stable and non-reactive), compassion would spread to others.

Neuroscientists today call the ‘Mind/Brain’ I saw then, the Neo-Cortex brain. This Brain is PURE compassion. Some say gratitude, which is much the same. What I KNOW is that when we release our 3D mind completely, we have resolved our Karma, we have come to the awareness that we ARE the collective ‘god-head’ and we are see to create.

They say this Neo-Cortex Brain has been around for about 50 million years and we are NOW ascending into it. I can SHOW you when the ascension began in earnest. Watch for my video to appear here soon.

When you look around at your physical reality and KNOW that you CREATE all that you see, then you KNOW you can also CHANGE (Uranus) all that you see. Not at any moment–our Planets are in fixed heavenly orbit, though spiraling through time and space. Not because you want to right now, but because you can work with the knowable energies of the Universe and seize the magical aspects and watch the magic happen.

What you focus on grows. Old 3D Astrology is EVERYWHERE now. There is some very good 4D Astrology that has been arising. There may be other 5D-type Astrology out there. And I’m sure there will be. Because my consciousness comes from the energies of our Universe so this energy is not for me alone.

Let’s raise consciousness. Let’s make magic. Let’s play as Souls having a physical experience!!

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