What IS 5D Astrology?

5D Astrology IS the Theory of Everything (TOE) Physicists and Spiritual Seekers are looking for today.One of my ‘Super-hero Powers’ is to SEE the really, big cosmological picture.

I view Black Moon Lillith in our Natal charts as a 5D point where we can develop a 5D ‘super power.’ If this point is undeveloped, it can be our ‘kryptonite.’ But ‘awareness’ of this as a potential power makes ALL of the difference.When I wrote my novel (yes, it ALL goes back to that year for me;), I could see mankind ascending into a higher consciousness state where we would use 100% of our brain and achieve what some (and myself previously) have called ‘Christ-consciousness.

When we use ALL of our brain, which is comprised of our conscious (10%) and our subconscious (90%), we would arrive at unconditional love as the highest intelligence of all. We would also become AWARE (Uranus) of our souls while still in a physical body.

Living with Soul-Awareness is what I consider 5th Dimensional Astrology. It is a state of mind that allows us to magically change our physical ‘reality’. It is a place where we KNOW HOW (in scientific terms) we can do this.At the ‘End of the Mayan Calendar’, our Sun had actually returned to the Galactic Center providing us the end of a Astrological cycle of 25, 772 years (roughly) and a cosmological upgrade in consciousness. Through a multitude of very precise configurations, we resolved the old 3D reality in order to move into 5D and the Age of Aquarius. I discuss these configurations in my Twin Flame/3D to 5D Seminar.With our ‘Karma’ of 3D resolved, we have returned to the Garden of Eden reversing the ‘fall’ of man. We are out of ‘good and evil’ and into a reality where we can UNDERSTAND HOW we are ALL connected.

To understand 5D, it helps to understand it relative to 3D and 4D:

But how does this concept apply to the Planets and Astrology? Well, scientists now know what I have always known as I began to identify and FEEL each Planets’ energies, that our Solar System does not have a stationary Sun in fixed space, but rather that our Sun moves pulling the Planets with it. This creates an ascending spiral that represents our ascending consciousness.

I don’t DO Astrology as other ‘certified’ Astrologers do. I NEVER attended an Astrology course or anyone else’s Seminars. I simply began to follow some movement of the Planets, FEEL their energies and begin to receive the awareness they have to offer.In the Universe, the micro IS the macro… size doesn’t matter. Our galaxy reflects back to us what is going on within us. There is no separation consciousness in 5D, remember?

The only source of ENERGY in our Universe comes from the electromagnetic field of the Stars and Planets. We FEEL these energies even though we don’t know their source. Knowing the source (by Planet or other Planetary body) and their timing makes one self-aware. Once you FEEL them, you will soon have Transits that will make you SOUL-AWARE.If you are reading this, it IS your time to FEEL 5D Astrology. It is YOUR time to play with MAGIC!

If you know your basic Planetary positions in your chart, you will want to now know about your 5D points in your chart. This will tell you about your Super-Hero powers, your Soul-Mind and lesson, your Soul’s Path, your Umbilical Cord to your soul, your Zena, Warrior Princess point, etc.


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