YOUR Superhero Powers Explained

Truth IS stranger than fiction—YOU HAVE Superhero Powers… BUT they can be your KRYPTONITE until you KNOW what they are and HOW to use them!

Like the Comic Books have always shown, humans CAN have Superhero Powers. Unlike the Comic Books, however, it is true that we ALL HAVE Superhero Powers. Not just a few of us. Whether they are developed or not, is the big question. It is easier to develop them once you have IDENTIFIED them.

In 5D terms, we each have points in our Natal Astrological Charts that show where we can ‘link up’ to 5D abilities. Our charts also show where some might be better at USING their Superhero Powers than others are. What I have found to be the some of the determining factors are:

  1. Which lifetime you are on out of 9 in this sequence of lifetimes
  2. 5D Aspects made to your Superhero Power point – Your Black Moon Lillith

However, other parts of this website will show how we are ALL coming into 5D awareness and will be able to better develop each of our own Superhero Powers.

For the time being, there are various stages of growth with these Superhero Powers:

  1. Undeveloped and unaware of them
  2. Developed but unaware it is a ‘gift’ and it creates reactions from others that make it a person’s ‘kryptonite’ instead of power
  3. Developing but unaware that not everyone else has this power so we can’t understand WHY they don’t get this ability of ours
  4. Full Awareness of the Power and judicial use of it

We do have these 5D abilities at our disposal. The progression of the Planets has brought us to a place where we can begin to manifest them in true Superhero fashion. Over the next 2 years, I believe we will begin to experience ‘magic’ on a global scale;)

We are now ascending in consciousness at a rapid rate into more and more 5D awareness which will align with the Age of Aquarius. There is no need for a ‘Teleporter’ as the Fantastic Four movie showed. We will simply move from one dimension to another as our own vibrational consciousness ascends higher.

Imagine what each of these Superhero Powers will be like when we are TRULY Merlins of our Minds.

Each of us has 3 or more of the 12 Superhero Powers.

Order YOUR Superhero Powers Report HERE or BELOW. Then email me at with your date of birth, time of birth (as close as you know or feel), city of birth. Your Report will be emailed to you within 48-72 hours. If you need it rushed, let me know, but that might mean you really need a Reading:)

In the meantime, use these Superhero Powers more playfully as you evolve them into your ‘magic.’

For example, the Mentalist, who can see the TRUTH about EVERYTHING can make people LAUGH at their own need to ‘lie’ about something. Call them out on it with some humor so that everyone sees the humor in the situation. Because we have ALL LIED in order to manage situations we didn’t have any other solution for fixing it.

The human condition IS humorous. You see how it is in 5D, which is all about pulling down the curtain/veil that has been hiding us from our true Wizard nature;)

30 min Phone Reading - After reviewing your chart, I will discuss any topic you want to. OR I can start off with the things that catch my awareness. In your email, provide a time slot or 2.

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